3D Printed Electric Skateboard

Faraday Motion is a collection of engineers, makers, and researchers from Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and the US who want innovate the personal mobility device. They are currently developing an open platform, modular personal electric vehicle that can be moved via a motion control smartphone app. The prototype is based on a standard skateboard, but they have completely stripped most of it away and loaded it with small motors and an entire array of new, 3D printed parts and components. A simple smartphone application controls the device’s speed and direction and based on the rider’s hand movements, and the maximum speed can be preset before the board is used.

It based on the onda & looks pretty cool

Their list of design principles Easy to use Quiet and clean High tech Electric Reliable Weight max: 10-12 kg Lights Futuristic, unconventional and cool look Personal Quality, top of the line materials Controlled by mobile phone Range 30 km Speed 30km/h


Cool board, according to their website, they are working with Vedder and use the VESC.