3D Printed Enclosure - For flexible decks STL Files


For some reason, the link is invalid. Could you please upload again? Or is there any way I can get the file? Cheers!

bump I can’t open the link

Oh yeah forgot about this.

Uploading a different link later.

Anyone actually made this yet?

Nope, for me as min. Realized that there is always something you need a bit different than on what you get already made.

Thanks. I’ll try to print it out to see how it works when I have the stl file

Yeah, theres a step file but I deleted it by accident

@lazyjoe @boogiewookie


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@moon This is my print :laughing:, Thanks for your sharing. WechatIMG1


Damn it looks nice.

You might be the first

i have a question. Doesnt this design open up when the deck flexes?

It might open up if yours is a long board I guess.

Not sure might make one of these to see. Since I have access to good 3d printers now

@Dr.Octogon, please take a look at @moon great design

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@moon, this was my concept. Striking similarities. image


Looking at the 3d pieces, it surely does. You would need to add some sealing material inside to avoid dust and water.

There is this really great closed cell rubber sheeting we use for vibration dampening 1/16 with stick back. It also repels water really well. You can cut to any shape. image


I designed a modular and ‘flexible’ enclosure a while back for @agniusm N.E.S.E modules. But the design is easily modifiable to knock out the N.E.S.E module and eBay esc substitute specific components to make room for a flat spotwelded pack and a Vesc / Focbox, if someone wishes to do so. I used just silicone to seal the gaps to ‘weather’ proof it. This here in the pictures fits 10s4p on a 36" deck, but completely configurable depending on your decks length.

Not the most elegant one nor am I super proud of it - but it worked! I have now moved on and abandoned this design.

IMG_1295%5B4009%5D IMG_1241%5B4008%5D IMG_1237%5B4006%5D


Could someone reupload this miracle?

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There they are. No?

Think he’s talking about the one moon uploaded.

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