3D Printed Enclosure - For flexible decks STL Files


c7ac35bfab067bb8698192dd2a5dc3982ffc613f_1_375x5001 image

Showcasing the design of the enclosure so I don’t ruin the other thread.

Credit to the original designer, Saker

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Nice one, how sealed it is? Is there a rubber sheet or something like that on the inside?

It’s not my board so I wouldn’t know but I can look into it. It doesn’t really effect the design of the enclosure. Just place rubber sheet/gasket underneath the enclosure

How much would something like this cost to print?

Do you mean if you wanted to pay someone to print it for you?

Or the plastic itself?

The first option

Thx a lot! It’s a great turn😜

Not sure.

You could check 3Dhubs.com or maybe someone here could do you a favour, its a lot to print though

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cura calculated 1day 1hour 33min for just the front part one middle section and the end part :sweat_smile: with 0.1 and 100% infill… yes it is a bit to print.

Yeah but 0.1mm is a bit much isn’t ?

Easily bump that up to 0.2?

Those trucks on that board looks bad Ass

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Yeah they are. I linked to the wrong trucks on the other thread. They aren’t cheap $350

possible yes for sure. non the less 12 hours :wink:

image This is what I have

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Printing an enclosure to make a mould for for a carver board atm. Full print time will be around 6 days for that one with 15%. This one has some complex structures as well so I’d guess something similiar.Cost will be around 30-60 euro. Depending on material etc obv.

Just for interest I looked in 3D hubs. 1x Front, 1x Back, 8x Middle part in PETG around 75 Euro. Ready till 2.6. . I would offer you to print it too, but I just started with 3D printing, so I guess I first need some more experience before I’m ready for so big parts.

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75€ aaaaaaaaargh no way. I prefer to buy a Fiber glass.

Yes thats really expensive, it shouldnt cost that much but it does :slight_smile:

The plastic only is 20-30 euros max

Does any1 have the file for this case? link does not work anymore :slight_smile:

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I’ll upload later