3d Printed Enclosure

Has anyone 3d printed or designed an enclosure like the one in the koowheel?

I have the genesis hellfire which is identical to koowheel. Don’t get me wrong its great board but the enclosures they use are shit. I’m even hoping that after changing the connection and allowing a little wiggle room for battery to esc will solve the connection issue that board has.

I just google genesis hellfire… Wow! It’s Koowheel in a different package.

So this enclosure + removable battery design is not that good?

I think he means as a company they don’t produce a quality product, not that the design is inherently bad.

I’m currently working on a slightly different swappable battery, pics in my kingfisher build post.

As I wad told the stagnant connection it uses doesn’t flex with the board and it cause the esc to lose connection. Ive hopefully solved the issue by changing the vga style connector to a tx60 after adding some length of wire to the esc end. It does put my connection outside of the enclosure but I don’t ride through water of any kind. So I should be fine. Also in the process of building a 10s3 pack. Also an enclosure to house both battery and esc. These boards have some potential as long as you’re willing to drop a little cash.

Ive also got 2 Liftboard. Not sure if its the copy, but its the same as a Benchwheel. Having two has allowed me to open one up and improve it. And let me say, for a $400 possible China replica, with a little hot glue and different bushings, its not a bad board. And @16mph and 18ml range, I’m not bitching.

The great thing is I didn’t pay for either of the three. Luckily was able to get them on trades. But all in all, I have $20 in the liftboard and and few prints of enclosures and a $20 dollar rremote for the Hellfire.

I actually have been following your post since it has started but kept us hanging for a couple of months without any update. Read your recent updates and I’m looking forward on how’s everything going to come together.


I’m not sure how’d you make it all that amazingly neat and tidy. I was hoping you’d have documentation (pictures or videos) and how you’ve done it. Pretty darn impressive!

The most thing I’m interested in these boards is the ability to change/swap batteries on the fly. That’s why I was looking if anyone has ever tried to copy it and made a 3d printable model.

Documentation coming soon :wink: for now I’m just trying to get it functional. Tidyness is important although it’s relatively easy with prismatic lipos. Everythings just in series with a staggered top layer of cells.

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Heres my 3d printed enclosure. There are NO screws through the deck. Everything is held together and attached under the trucks as a riser. I run it at 12s with dual jacob clone hubs. This is my second prototype, the first fell apart after a few rides. This one is reinforced by aluminum rods running through it. Took about a day to 3d print and then about half hour to finalize the reinforcement and lid parts. So far no problems. Holds up great. I like my deck and didn’t want to drill holes through it so came up with this enlosure. The lid slides off easily and you can switch out the batteries by plugging in new lipos!

Heres a picture of an older version of the cad file for the enclosure38882934_443991799427846_1855769009694179328_n


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Holy Batman! How is it vibration wise?

I don’t think there is any. I did use duct tape on the inside of the box to tape it to the deck a bunch. It’s not visible from the outside lol.

Ask Hummie, he rode for a minute. I like the trucks crazy loose tho so the wobbles are real.

What are the deminsions of that enclosure? Also, would you be willing to come off the stl file?

Pm me and I’ll send you the file. When I get home end of day, I’ll check what the exact dimensions are but if you have a preference for sure lemme know and I can adjust it for you before sending the file. The box is pretty deep due to my lipos being fat. I blew my dual vescs and am waiting for a pair of 6’s to come in. I think the 6’s won’t fit so I need to make a bigger box or even 2 boxes one under each truck.

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