3D Printed Hub for 6inch pneumatics on caliber trucks

Guys when I was getting the 6x2 tires, I also noticed a complete set(tire, tube and hub) for $20. It needs a 8mm shaft with free length of at least 35mm. That makes it perfect for TB218. Mounting a pulley would be super easy using the 3 protruding bolts. I put it on a 8mm shaft and can confirm that there was no noticeable wobble. I ordered it on the 3rd and received it on 18th.

Why haven’t been people using this combination? MVIMG_20180818_223356 MVIMG_20180818_233203MVIMG_20180818_224437!

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This is sick. If my 3D printed PETG cores/Nylon rims hub assemblies kick the can, I will be looking to these for sure. 3 bolts? Easy pulley mount!

Separate thought: I need to share some changes I’ve made for my hubs based on one of the designs in this thread that have worked well for me.

I got it from https://www.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-6X2-tyre-6-Inch-Scooter-Tire-Inner-Tube-Set-Electric-Scooter-Wheel-Chair/32840489792.html.

Actually I just 3 more(to add to the 1 that I got for testing) and got it for $17.28 each(shipped)

Yeah, please share the changes. Looking forward to it. BTW, what trucks do you use? I still have to buy one with 35mm free shaft.

Here we go… changes on thingiverse to ptowncruisers design.

My favorite change is the 3x zealous bearings in the pulley hubs, works great to reduce play with the pulley sticking out so far.

I bought a set of these a while back I’ll need to check but I think at the time they came with different hard pressed high resistant
bearings and the wrong diameter. I’ll have to recheck. Been trying to sell them to someone with more free time in Europe.

I bought these because I was too lazy to print the hub…

They fit TB 218mm trucks but the bearings are pressed in and I have no idea if they can be easily replaced.

I am also designing a geared drive for it.

Here’s the adapter that is meant to interface with the hub.



You would need a bearing puller, Easy peasy. I have changed motor bearing that way.

I went a non standard approach, took some measurements and came up with this. Will print it in a day or two. ea4e8456a85e7fb248ed703ecd94cfe3d02d251a_1_547x500fb85e18431863a4b842d622e24e7bf74900ff36d_1_443x500d6144d2a08db3348291e757f3f79d255f965d984_1_483x500 11afb655fe3c68789ee0e9282e0405f7f8dd9b18_1_666x500

What do you guys think? @ervinelin @Maxid @skatardude10 ? Should I change anything before I print it?

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I think the rim will burst once you inflate the tire. The reason for my screws being so far away from the circle center is that they are supposed to eat the forces on the rim wall. In your design there is nothing helping the plastic to stay in place and the material is not up to hold several bars of pressure

But those are metal rims, right? Hes just printing the pulley and pulley adapter. I think it looks good to go.

Right! The rims are already metal. The one that I got from ali-express.

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ah got it - I thought you wanted to 3D print the rim

Can’t see why it won’t work… But your pulley has not many teeth? I was aiming for something like 60T but the size of that would make it larger than the rim resulting in potential hitting the tyre when it flexes.

files are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14AF8h_PFzBTdH6JRkKynJ70I3WzezC0N

You can modify the design to have whatever width and how many ever teeth. I selected 50 because 42 would have caused the countersink for M6 bolt head to be very close to the teeth. You can easily go to 60 teeth, just change it in the solidworks equation.


Hi guys, I saw some great projects here. I’m strongly considering makeing 3d printed wheels for my future build. I’m worried tho. Using PETG for that purpose with its hydroscopic properties give me a doubts. Could you share your experience with me?

Well it handles 30mph (32/33 was my top speed) pretty well and I put arpund 40 miles on my set before my esc died

Got maybe 30-40mi on mine as well, no signs of wear. Unsure top speed as the trucks need new bushings to be safe. I don’t think they will be wearing out anytime soon. Printed in standard ABS. Some rings printed in PLA cause I ran out of ABS. Seems fine for now.

Hi guys, anyone knows an alternative tire that can be used? Feels like the 6x2 from AliExpress have very high rolling resistance…

all pneumatics do - turn up the pressure to increase efficiency. They can be bought as solid tires now - should be super heavy though and I am not sure if it actually makes a difference for rolling resistance.

Already at max rated pressure of 70psi

I’ve got 250-300 miles on my PETG hubs, and they are holding up great, no signs of wear or cracking really… Although I did have to print the rims for the hubs out of nylon because the PETG holding the side walls was not enough and it started cracking.