3D Printed Hub for 6inch pneumatics on caliber trucks

I started designing my own 4 piece hub that can be 3D printed and got the 6x2 tire from china. Oneworked pretty well and I am currently printing the other three.

Printed in ABS I was not able to destroy the hub. I threw it on the ground at 3bars and it is still just like fresh from the printer. No deformation whatsoever.


nice I have made ABS truck baseplate, I am woking on the axle hanger, can you share the file ?

Will do once all the wheels have been ridden. It will fit standard truck axles - outer bearing to outer bearing distance is 24mm

I don’t even know what you are trying to tell me here :neutral_face: This has nothing to do with @trampa.

I am just trying to come up with a way to use standard caliber trucks with pneumatics. After using the skikes but wanting something wider I turned to the 6x2inch wheels and since @psychotiller is located in the US I tried my own design.

@Maxid: Hey man, what size are the tyres? My cousin owns a tyre-shop and I wanted to see if he could get any with good prices.

These are the tires I bought:

~15USD each including shipping to Germany. At the time when I bought them they were on sale and I payed 31EUR for three of them. Shipping was also really fast with just 2weeks - I ordered a single wheel in January from a different seller that took 9 weeks to arrive.

why do I need a big brand tire?

Kenda does not have 6x2inch tires but only 6x1-1/4 - that is the same as the 6inch skikes that can be bought in Europe.

Talked to my cousin.

At the moment he can only get this kind of tyre in 6x2 for about 10eur including tube.

that is not a 6inch tire though is it? 4.00-6 is like a standard tire for wheelbarrows and can be bought for 9€ on ebay http://www.ebay.de/itm/Schubkarrenrad-Schubkarre-Rad-Raeder-Ersatzrad-Luftrad-Felge-rot-4-00-6-2PR-/151186743528

guys please stop posting random 6inch wheels. I am not interested in them. 6x1-1/4 can be bought everywhere and is nothing special. They are standard nordic skate wheels that will need machining in order to fit a skate axle. I want 6x2 and only @psychotiller is able to get you some working hubs for them.

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I said he could get them in 6x2. The picture was only to show the tread pattern of said tire. The only reason I was getting involved here was because your 3d-printed hub looked interesting and if you are planning on sharing the files for it I wanted to try them out. But I wouldn’t wanna wait for china/USA delivery times so I looked to my closest supplier of tires to see what he had on hands in that size.

Ah I read that wrong. Cool - do you have an actual picture of the 6x2? Would love to see how they look - especially at that price.

Texted him and he doesn’t have them in stock and he has to order the from his supplier. If you want, I can order one for science and post pictures.

if you are willing sure - this entire project is for science :smiley:

or can he tell us what his supplier or the manufacturer is? there should be info online no?

what wall thickness are we talking about here ?

I’ll order one. Since he’s franchise I’m guessing he doesn’t really know what supplier/manufacturer it is. He just order through their main branch and they handle all suppliers. I don’t want to bug him to much since it’s tire changing season in sweden and they have bookings every 10 minutes.


I bought the same wheels last summer they seem to be decent quality little on the thicker side but I never got around to putting any motors to them


@Cjnutts This looks nice, what kind of hubs did you use for these?

Ming yang motor& accessories , from Aliexpress. After I got the tires and realized they were oddball, I messaged ming yang and they hook me up. They ended up being the same size as the enetion 5"

Wait, so these tires fit the 5’ Enertion hubs?