3D Printed Hub for 6inch pneumatics on caliber trucks

And the 6 x 2 is more round and better quality

I really like the Enertion hubs just never found a round true tire…Tried the Enertion and Skike and an off name Chinese…Stoked. You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the Ming and Yang motors would you…Been looking for them since I read this and can’t place it.

That’s what I meant the tires more around. I looked for the link. I could not find it. Sorry there were some other 6 x 2 tires. I don’t know if the same :neutral_face:

What is the matter with you? I looked over your postings on this forum and everything is just non-constructive criticism and throwing shit left and right. Nothing helpful at all and yet you have the audacity to ask people to share their designs with you.

Shape up please.


Thanks man!! this is a great find for me. I just ordered some that look like your and some others that are 6x2. I am stoked to try these out and get some all terrains again!!! Here are the links for others that might be interested>> This is the one that looks like yous… https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ultra-light-carbon-fiber-electric-scooter6-x2-tire-6x2-tire-Mini-scooter-fastship-fo-modified-wheel/32747342221.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.oML279 This is another Im gonna try https://www.aliexpress.com/item/QIND-6X2-6-Inch-Scooter-Tire-Inner-Tube-Set-Electric-Scooter-Wheel-Chair-Truck-free-shipping/32772213851.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.oML279

The second seller had to refund me because the shipping took so long. He only sent the wheel on its way 3 weeks after ordering! I posted an aliexpress link further up with my wheel that is the same but even cheaper. Took only 2 weeks to get to Germany

Yeah, I checked your link and it says they are out of stock. I’m in no rush so I went ahead and ordered.

4 sure, I know how it is. It took me a long time to find those wheels last year. Hope it works out for you And @Maxid, let us know how they roll when you get all four of them on. :sunglasses:

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@Maxid this is awesome, to print your own hub and then just buy the tyres and tubes would be legendary. I didn’t think i’d see this anytime soon, If this works I’m donating.

If your happy with the design I’d love to test them, just need the files, then get my m8 to print them.



Are you going with printed wheel pulleys as well? I’m eager to try printing some pulleys in PETG or Nylon just to test the strength.

Btw, isn’t slotted screws the worst thing in the world to work with? Can’t count all the times I’ve jammed a screwdriver/powerbit into my fingers trying to tighten those bastards. I will assume that you didn’t have any others at hand at the moment :wink:

I already used a pulley made out of ABS for my skikes - going to do the same thing when I know that these hubs hold up.

Yeah they are. But I have nuts on the other side that I can fasten while I just need to hold the slotted screw. They are M5 50mm and you are right I did not have any other ones at hand. I also liked however that their head is slimmer than a hex one.

They seem to hold - inflated to 3.5 bars the hub seems to be solid. I jumped up and down on the board and everything stayed where it is supposed to stay :slight_smile:

If you want to test them I can upload them tomorrow to grabcad or thingiverse. Keep in mind that I have not ridden them motorized or in rough terrain though. No idea how long ABS hubs can last and what beating they can take.

Looks sick though - much tougher than the skinny skike wheels

Oh and wheelbite is an issue on my deck now.


If you upload to thingiverse I will print in PCmax max and test…

Here are the files: https://grabcad.com/library/longboard-hub-for-6inch-pneumatic-wheels-1


Awesome, and impressive that you can inflate to 50PSI. I’ve just ordered the tyres, same ones as you ordered, reckon I can replace my front 2 wheels when they come and try slamming them into some speed-bumps and off curbs

Have you considered making hubs for smaller wheel widths as well? I’m assuming the reduced rubber in contact with the ground will mean reduced friction, and therefore increase efficiency. That or go-faster stripes on the side :slight_smile:

Perhaps this tyre? (think it’s slimmer) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/6X1-1-4-Tire-Inner-TUBE-Bent-Valve-A-Folding-Bike-Electric-Gas-Scooter/32797333242.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000013.9.H0ygIa&scm=1007.13339.33317.0&pvid=6d9b2820-9572-4329-a241-42c9a228a204&tpp=1

Oh and Wheelbite is now going to do your head in, I’m waiting for what @mmaner does, as he’s choosing a deck with psychotillers new 6" billet wheels, so he’s going to have to tackle that problem (think he’s trying to use 195 Paris trucks) I had to faff around with trucks I don’t really like to get mine working without wheelbite, got a few ideas for the future though.

I gt my motor mounts yesterday, trying to mill the Paris 195’s to fit is bit of a pain. The flat spots on the hanger make it impossible to use a 3 jaw chuck, I need a small 4 jaw but don’t have one. I dropped off a hanger and mount to a machinist friend today, waiting to see what he comes up with.

I really don’t think bite is going to be an issue. I’m using 1/2in shock pads on a deck with pretty massive cutouts. I should have most of the components in by this weekend, I’ll dry fit everything and see how it looks then and update you guys.

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I am probably just going to make the cutouts larger

Would there be interest for 6in aluminum hubs for 8mm axles (skate trucks)? I can probably sell them for $130 shipped for a set including tires/tubes and $20 per pulley. It’d have to be group buy style to keep costs low.