3D Printed Icarus/Caguama build

  • Custom 10s2p
  • 3D printed enclosures
  • Focbox
  • TB 6355
  • TB mounts
  • Riptide Kranks

IMG_4437IMG_4429-2 IMG_4439

Here’s the CAD: 55%20PM

Will upload enclosures and pulley cover files to thingiverse soon.

By the way, if anyone is trying to design enclosures for an Icarus; the perfect radius of the concave is 770mm


Thats so dope!

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Just realized this looks really similar to @BigBrit 's build

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Yeah it does! Is it wrong I have been thinking about dismantling that boatd for no reason? Its been reliable af

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Its what we do Lee. Build it and get bored. @Apolo Nice clean build my friend.


I’m curious. How did you measure that?

Took two rulers and measured three points along the concave, then used those three points to define a circle in Fusion 360


Well done @Apolo!

What type of plastic did you use to print them? I’m too afraid to mount 3D printed enclosures.

I used PETG to print my enclosures.

Thanks! I printed in ProtoPasta’s High Temp PLA. This in itself was challenging, so I designed the enclosure to be as strong as possible:

  • There is a 2° draft on the top of the enclosure, which lets it print at a 2° angle. This angle slightly off-set-tilts the layer lines when printing which directs the plane of weakness into the mounts and deck but more importantly providing substantially more surface area for layers to bond to each other.
  • 5-6mm thick walls
  • 60% infill
  • 8mm mounting flanges