3d Printed Kegel Pulleys Giveaway! ends 1/20/17 1:20 pm (PAC)

Enter to win!

Winner pays $10 shipping/handling US only.

Shipping farther is not worth it, feel free to enter if you’re ok with that…more info on sign up page. 2 winners get 2 pulleys each and a camera mount.

Archiving the rest of this thread for future reference.

Rebuilt my prusa i3 printer, and let it do some work with @JuniorPotato93’s Kegel pulley

wanted to sell some spares. that may violate the non-commercial section of the license. giving a few away instead!

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This violates the creates commons liscense in almost all aspects.

I don’t want to sound rude but it’s illegal.

(First post was edited, so this no longer has context)


which part? I give him credit, I am not selling a cad model, only printer time and material costs.

These files are licenced under Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike.

You’re free to: Share - copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt - remix, transform, and build upon the material.

Under the flowing terms: Attribution - you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the licence and indicate if any changes were made.
Non-commercial - you must not use the material for commercial purposes. (a commercial purpose is one primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation) ShareAlike - if you remix, transform or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Your primary goal here is to gain financially from your efforts and so you’re breaking the terms of the licence.

How does that differ from an individual sending the file to shapeways and having it printed for themselves? Shapeways makes a profit on the file, are they not in violation of the licence as well?
No. Shapeways is in intermediate process step for the end goal of that individual attaining the printed version of the file. If the individual then turned around and sold that printed copy for more than they paid shapeways for their printing service, they are the one breaking the terms of the licence.

what, I give them 12 week until they break

@E-Boarding I print them at 100% infill. @JuniorPotato93 I’ve gifted a few pulleys of your design for free to some members of the Melbourne group. No commercial gain. I believe @Luke sent a donation to you yesterday. Thanks for the hard work dude!

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Yeah giving them away does not break the license and in fact I encourage. If you are financially able and willing to help someone out then by all means go ahead. I know that’s not the case for everyone. But this is another reason why I, the guy who made them and has access to a 3D printer through work, doesn’t sell them either. It would be highly hypocritical and unethical of me to sell something no one else can that’s shared under the CC license, despite my “ownership” of the files.

If they were intended to be sold I would have never shared the files and would have made people pay for it. In my opinion this is very different than sharing the work for free and asking for a donation since you’re not obligated to and I take no offense by those who chose to use the files without donations. For the handful of people who actually did donate, I appreciate the gesture so much more because of it. Thank you @Luke. I enjoy doing this kind of stuff and will continue to once I’m done with my last few months of uni.


Not sure what your trying to say here…

umm i’m still confused.

i don’t see how this is different. the price is much lower than shapeways, and lower than most 3dhubs in my area including my own.

either way I have too many pulleys now, i guess i’ll turn this into a give a way?

You stock and sell the pulleys. You can’t do that.

Shapeways is like the customer renting a printer. You send them the file and they print it, while you just sell the part. It’s the same with 3d hubs, you send the file to the printer and they just print it.

Haha ok. In the end it’s illegal. Not trolling, even @JuniorPotato93 said you can’t do it.

That’s all for me in this topic.

If you want I’ll take one and pay shipping and a
S&H tip. :wink: im serious.

Isn’t the vesc a common license? Edit:whoops it’s open source. Ignore comment., above

got something better.

Check the first post. win a couple and a camera mount only pay s&h.

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still time to enter…

2 users - win 2 pulleys and a camera mount…

I hope I win!!