3D printed mold buck for vacuum forming ABS enclosures

Today I decided to determine if it was possible to vacuum form ABS using a 3D printed mold buck. Probably more of us have access to a 3D printer than a CNC router. This method allows you to design exactly what you want to mold in 3D ensuring that everything will fit.

I am happy to say that I was able to get a nearly perfect enclosure using 1/8in ABS molded over a PLA 3D print on the second try.

image image image

For more details you can see the build thread I am using this enclosure for.


Awesome!!! How reusable is the mold?

It’s probably good for about three uses. Using a different filament material would help with reuse. I also think that filling the inside with something would help.

For custom one off’s its perfect


3D printing moulds is used by lots of commercial companies to make prototype vacuum formed parts, even NASA do it. They don’t last for high volume but great for what you have done.

Man that is a life changing! Plus you can always print it in ABS (still cheap) or PETG for multiple uses… Thanks man! Then I need to make a vacuum forming :laughing: