3D printed motor mount files

80km so far. Using Green-tec by Extrudr. I would never use it without the alu rods. Too flexible.

Mainly use it offroad. Sand roads with big and small stones everywhere.

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what types of trucks are you all using with these motor mounts?

Haven’t printed mounts but I printed a pulley and has stood up to at least 10 miles of cruising around so far between me and couple of friends. I made the motor pulley out of Nylon I don’t think anything else would really hold up. As mentioned above rigidity isn’t always a good thing when it comes to plastic I’d say even PLA is too rigid unless you go really high infill but even then ABS will tend to bend to absorb impacts more often than crack, Nylon even more so and also has the benefit that it’s basically impossible to crack (can eventually tear it but pretty hard, the most likely failure is delamination between layers but with high temp printing can reduce the chances of that as well).

Regarding trucks I imagine the caliber II are popular with people doing it themselves as well ultimately just good to have a truck that has a flat edge to clamp things onto.

Highly doubt it

Maybe if you ride on a F1 track lol

You do what you do.

In the mean time, I’ll ride the wheels off my board :wink:

I would go for trucks for which CNC machined motor mounts are already available, just in case. Another important factor would be the availability of replacement parts. Most cheap trucks will not have spare bushings, etc.

For e-mtb I would go with MBS or Trampa trucks.

what material is this?

Carbon reinforced petg. Tough af. Still using the exact same mounts - around 150km clocked on them.

Hey, can you send me the STL files for that mount?

ALL 3D printed

been running it for one season thus far no harm, no diform. only snapped one belt when messing with tooth size trying to fit odd size #teeth

hey! do you still have your stl file ?? can you send it to me :slight_smile: ? thanks you