3D printed motor mount files

does anyone have some cad files for 3d motor mounts. I searched for this but didnt find anything too useful. Thanks

3d printed motor mounts wont hold up to the wear and tear of daily riding which is probably why you can’t find any.

I believe the only part of the drivetrain people have successfully printed out and used are wheel pulleys.

Motor mounts when printed with right material will hold out the abuse when used on the street. Some will even survive the mtb abuse…

See ya in a half year in the pictures thread with a broken motormount.

You could just print one more copy :slight_smile:

I can print 10 more, but they all will fail at some point:p

…and one more…and one more. :smiley:

@Nordle If they all fail at some point, try different design. Add more material on different poinst, maybe even print per partes and screw them together. I’ve failed on many iterations and now settled on one which is holding out pretty well. If that one fails, I already have an idea what to improve. It’s part of the game and I love it. :slight_smile:

I currenty use printed parts in my mountainboard mounts

Covers and the clamp ring, which is holding the actual “motormount plate”. They are screw reinforced and 100% infill. When they fail i will probably get them milled. Because i’m tired of wasting plastic. :green_apple:

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Anyone tried printing mounts with Carbon Fiber filament? Any stronger / better?

You could possibly print a clamp for the mount and then get a scrap bit of steel or alu and file that so that it can attach to the clamp

This. If you haven’t access easily to a mill this is your best bet.

What material did you use? I’m planning on doing stuff with PolyCarbonate or Taulman Nylons, that should be way better than ABS.

Indeed. For mounts only the CF reinforced materials. They print like shit in comparison with PLA or PETG but they have massive stiffness and durability. Use bigger steel reinforced nozzles like 0.6mm. Better flow. I suggest something like XT-CF20 or similar.

@Der6FingerJo I use PETG (’‘Extrudr’’ brand) @Crossfire some time ago when i startet my mountainboard i did a lot of research about these filaments. And the only good thing in this filament is the nice surface finish. But you have to believe or not, or read yourself trough these 3d printing forums. I didn’t try myself but i believe others sometimes.

Layer bond is phenomenal. It literally merges together at 260C, melts if you will. It has to be printed at slow speed and with as less retraction as possible.

That’s from my experience at least.

I saw a vid or a very pictured thread (dont remember exactly) where they did strenght test on xt-cf20 and the same filament without carbon, the one without carbon was stronger in every test.

I’m going to try this anyways at some day, the surface looks to good for a fdm print.

For motor mounts it’s perfect. It needs to survive the vibrations and forces/weight from the spinning motor. After collision with different stuff from the road it deforms a bit but it doesn’t loose strength.

damnit man that looks so sketch lol

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i tried them with my first build. i tried to design my own mount which never survived more then 20km. however … i did 2 crucial mistakes.

  1. I used PETG! PETG is way more ridged then PLA, but thats also its downfall. it does not bend, it basicly explodes when under to much stress. you can use PETG and PLA for testing, but the final product should be nylon. PLA is probably OK as well.

  2. i refused to reinforce the mount with metal rods. the few guys i met here who had success with their mounts, all had metal reinforcments.

right now im experimenting with printed mounts again. i found a promising one on thingiverse with reinforcments.

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Pla/pha motor mounts. 2 years old now, maybe 1000km on it so far. The “box” helps with the strenght aswell :slight_smile: