3D printed motor mount for EMTB

I had problems with money lastly so I decided to use my 3d printer to make new motor mounts for my EMTB.

I know, I know, 3d printed elements are “useless, weak, will not last long, don’t even think about it”

BUT. I did a project:


it is not “beautiful”, but it works super-fine so far, I did over 200 kilometers on that setup. they fit tight on truck and are secured with 2xM6 bolt with nut for each mount to squeze it on truck nothing is loose, nothing is bending (I made holes for bolts on motor end to install bar to keep mounts in constant distance during riding)

Infill is of course 100% percent, material is: PLA

Feel free to ask about anything you want :slight_smile:


“If it’s stupid but it works then it isn’t stupid.” Well done! It looks overly thick, but then that usually wise to do for printed parts. What modeling program did you use? How did you orientate it on the printer surface?

maybe it is overkill actually, but I want to be on safe side + I don’t mind 50 grams more when my board is almost 20 kg :stuck_out_tongue:


It was orientated exactly the same as on 1st photo

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Woah, and I thought I had a heavyweight at 12 kg! When you said you’ve ridden 200km with these, what kind of terrain are we talking? How does it handle vibration, especially considering that it’s PLA? I’m looking into printing my own mounts for my next build and I have some asa-x and taulman-bridge stuff I’m going to try.

my battery is almost 9kg + enclosure…so it is close to 10kg fully equipped IMO

terrain is mixed I would say, concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel, pavements (with holes ofc)

but as far as I saw, nothing is getting loose (nuts for bolts are self locking + loctite), I am checking it every time after using my board

awesome stuff.

At first glance I did not like the overly long slots for motor mounting, because that is definitely the weak spot in your design, but hey it works ! Congrats. It gives me hope that my PLA wheel pulley experiment will go well.

Love this!! Do you have it shared anywhere like “Thingiverse”? I’d be interested in giving it a try.

Have you done any wet riding yet? I know PLA can experience some deterioration from the elements, have you seen any of that?

I am avoiding wet riding (rain, deep puddles). But as far I saw, PLA has problems only with warm/hot water. Parts that I am using on my board have no problems with normal humidity or small puddles.

Here are links to download STL file on TinyUpload: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=30596374124347152284 <<motor mount http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=55761453187825183545 <<bracket for locking mounts

water is not a problem for PLA. But it starts to warp at ~60 deg celcius.

Which tyres are these? What size and where to get them? And how do they perform in the dirt and do they seem to last long?

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they are quite soft, they stick well, after around 500km I am starting to think about new ones (I was riding for some time on one motor only, and I can clearly see a difference)