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3d-printed parts from instructables

I have printed out some parts such as pulleys and enclosure for battery from instructables. I must say the parts is quite rigid and solid, but I’m still want to test it first. What I like most is the belt protective cover. with some paint job it will look nice. Let me know if u guys did some 3d-printing on your build :smile: Btw, I strongly suggest that u use 100% fill for the 3d parts to make it stronger and last longer.


that’s pretty cool! I wonder if those pulleys would survive? Even if they don’t last long it seams cheap and easy to replace. you could really play with ratios.

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Wait? Instructables does 3d printing? I do like the idea of a 3d printed enclosure.

Yeah @claudiofiore88 you can search the instructables website, and search skateboard or electric longboard. They got loads of that.

Oh, you meant the 3d models themselves. I thought you meant they had a 3d printing service.

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yep just the STL. files for 3d printer

Pretty cool! I’d eventually like to get into 3d printing. Seems like the Tech gets better every year,

They look like high quality prints. What printer do you use? I think voodoojar or someone else on endless sphere said that motor pulleys wont last a ride or something like that. Looking forward to seeing your results.

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Hi im planing using the same motor pulley your using i printed one in abs a couple of weeks back as you say it seems very rigid, i will be interested on your finings using the 3d printed pulleys and i can implement your findings in to my build. :relaxed:

the pulley i printed off

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The printed motor pulley will not last long at all. I usually get 50 miles out of the 36t printed wheel pulley. Check and you’ll find more pulley options.

what happened to the pulleys? did the teeth rip off?

I have an order of nylon filament on the way. Once it comes I am planning on printing off my pulleys. I expect them to do well. If not I will try a polycarbonate.

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The teeth eventually wore out. Basically, the belt acted like sandpaper.

i got mine of thingsverse
creds to (voodoojar)

I have been wondering how printed belts would hold up. May have to give it a try with some ninja flex.

i must admit I’ve thought about this before but they just won’t work due to the belt stretching and plus had belts have glass fiber core that makes them able to carry huge loads the TPE just won’t kill it.

I use aluminium pulley, and even they wear out eventualy. I have done around 700km and my pulleys are staring to become very worn out.
I cannot imagine a plastic one lasting a really long time.

where abouts do you supply your aluminium pulleys from? i know you live in Australian and so do i. I’ve just had a hard time on finding a 36 tooth HTD aluminium pulley in Australia. that would be great if you could post some links.

tell me about it… I’m still trying to find a decent source… being in Australia sucks for cheaply available parts.
so far I have I got mine from ebay.

are they from china or a local importer?