3D Printed small Parts for DIYers

Hi Guys With the completion of my fist build after a huge amount of time and after learning even more, I’ve decided to “give away” the parts I 3D printed to use on my board. I’m giving these away under a “do-whatever-you-want-except-sell-them” license and hope someone might find them useful. Please also note I am no where near a professional but wanted to learn some basic CAD so this was a great little project. I printed everything in PLA and have had no issues.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2331008

Front is outside the case. Back is inside the case. Cover goes over the port when not in use.

XT-90 holder Basically for any charging / power switch ports. Add one side of the XT90 connector into the hole and glue it in place. Then mount the whole thing with the screws. To protect the ports I also created a cover you can put over the port while riding. It should fit snuggly without being to tight.

Front: XT_90_front_final Back: XT_90_backplate_final Cover: XT_90_cover_final

JST-XH 5s holder To balance charge. Front: JST_XH_5s_front_final Back: JST_XH_5s_back_final Cover: coming soon.

MT-60 motor Connector holder To attatch my motors I use the MT-60 connector. Front:MT_60_front_final Back:MT_60_back_final Cover: The cover here is a little different. In case you want to prepare holes but are not using the hole in the case for some reason (switched motor position, only riding with 1 motor etc.) you can use this to cover the hole.: MT_60_hole_cover_final

A few pictures from my board:


Very nice !! Thank you very much !

How about uploading them to Thingiverse?

Nicely done! Thanks! I will probably use JST-XH holder. Could you do one for 4S balance connector? Or maybe share the source design file so I could edit it myself? I agree about putting them to Thingiverse :slight_smile:

Sure, ill upload them some time tonight, along with the designfiles from fusion360. Glad you like them.

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Cool, I was thinking about using the XT holders as well. You don’t have XT60 ones? If not, I’ll modify those as well :slight_smile:

Nope, no XT60. Should be fairly easy to modify though. If not, let me know.

@capfirepants, you managed to put these up yet?

Sorry, had a busy week. Uploaded now! Couldn’t find all of the original cad files, (the back of the JST connector)… If you need any other format, let me know.


Just what I was after, many thanks :ok_hand:t2:

Just note ( BTW the files are fantastic ) but I see in your pictures you have your connectors being male. its much safer ( and the industy standard) to have most connectors that are in dirty enviroments to be female to reduce the chance of shorting.

No Problem, glad they are of use. If you build them into your boards would you mind showing me? It would be cool to see the designs out in the wild :smiley: I chose to keep the male connectors on the board, because the resistors start to wear down over time (at least for me) and that way they can be replaced more easily. Ive never had a problem with them.

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Thanks again for the files :+1:t2:

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Good Design :slight_smile:

When I printed, the ‘front’ part with thin-Shell case was too thin, was that intended?

Also, Cover looks sleek, but It was not easy to get it off because it was too close to the Front part.

I will see if I can modify those, thank you so much for sharing!