3D Printed Vanguard Vesc Enclosure For Sale

I have for sale a 3D printed VESC enclosure for the vanguard. File here

It was printed from Fictiv using PLA. I ended up getting an enclosure from @MBuilder so no use for this anymore. Bought it for $100, send me offers. It can fit one VESC comfortably, idk about 2. Or can serve as a mold for making your own (the extra space will allow for 2 VESCs).

You bought that for $100? I can print that for under $5


Yeah, can’t get myself to bite the bullet of getting a printer.

Well whoever made that for you has ripped you off big time.

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Wholy crap dude, go back to that guy and get atleast half your money back. $100 is wayyyyyyy to much. Total scam IMO


You could have payed for it to be printed for 1/4 of that price


Holy crap… dude why tf wouldn’t you just get an ABS or carbon fiber enclosure for that kinda pricing?!

PLA enclosure for 100 bucks :open_mouth: Who sold it to you? You get an Okish 3d printer for 3-400…

I don’t know where you live but i have tried to find cheap 3D printing company from Finland and cheapest i found take 140e for printing kegel wheel pulley. No deal.

3D hubs bro

140€ including desing aswell or just print from existing stl?

I guess i know where my printer and i are moving to


Just printing. I’ve heard there is some 3D cafes and some libraries have 3D printer. I just don’t have time to go there sit and wait.

Pm me the stl file. Might be able to print it for you. I’m from Finland aswell.

:smiley: i already bought them from ideatb long time ago. Are you in facebook group?

Sorry for OT.

Yes sry for OT. No I don’t have facebook :slight_smile:

I’ve had hit and miss experiences with 3D Hubs. I printed a sparkle remote for ~$20 but it came out completely warped