3D printed wheel pulley wobbling

I tried to 3D print few Kegle’s wheel pulleys that can be found on Thingiverse.com. For some reason, all the pulleys that I printed getting out of center, there’s a wobbling when they spins. I’m not sure what’s causing this wobbling, did anyone else experience this behavior before? What could cause it?

A quick video to demonstrate it:

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Probably printer error. Belt driven X,Y axis? Try to tighten the belts up and do a circular test print

You might not have it adjusted perfectly on the wheel, bolt ons are tricky to get true.

You need to tighten the bolts in a star pattern to get it aligned perfectly. Can be a bit tricky but this is most likely what is causing the issue.


looks to me like the runout is larger on the end of the pulley than the part touching the wheel. So I think your printer has some big issues. Print a cylinder, see how it measures up, is the diameter same everywhere, are the sides straight etc.

Might be backlash, might be bad printer assembly (if delta)

OR, did you print this with silly infill like 15% and then tighten them to hell and back? Yeah, that would deform your pulley…

I have the same result on my 62t pulley for a trampa super star but i did not bother about it… i dont think that this tolerance will matter that much tbh.