3D printer skateboard truck

I have made a pair of skateboard trucks out of ABS, they are two parts hanger and baseplate.

I am thinking of open sourcing them, but I want master senpai Trampa to teach me the ways of making nice margins, and smoking cigars while some dark men and women work on making fiberglass moutainboards.


pics or it didn’t happen


Tell me more about these dark men and woman weaving fibers in Nottingham! I would also love to know how to make better margins btw. Maybe we should start decreasing our quality and compensate that through a media campaign showing happy men and woman.

(-; keep smiling



Have you tried them? If they’re normal sized trucks I’d be willing to bet they’d snap the moment you step on your board. EDIT: I might be wrong though. I’ve just seen people break their aluminum trucks so plastic sounds scary to me.

What even is this?

Trampa makes really nice products

ok I need to stop lying, I haven’t made the hangers yet out of ABS, I made them out of milled delrin. (the baseplate is ABS)

they are structurally stronger than anything else.

0 speed wobble, 0 as in the quality of trampas products.

I need a bigger bed for the nylon hanger, when it will happen it will be fucking sick for everybody, I think what I am working on is great for longboarders because theres infinite adjustments possible.

Keep in touch, while I make hangers