3D Printing anyone?

So i have a 3D Printer and i have never really used it much. Recently bought some new Pla and abs filament. If anyone wants something 3D printed (an enclosure or motor mount etc) i can print it at a very cheap price along with great qual! I can ship internationally and shipping all around europe is ā‚¬6!


You should sign yourself up on 3DHubs

Just want to see if i get an interest to be honest

Do you have any pictures of your work? I think it would be beneficial to any one interested.

@JLabs No sorry i havent yet. I cant find any of my printed models, i did them like last year so probably in my garage somewhere. Need to start printing some stuff !

Iā€™d suggest a picture of a complicated part like the blade runner pistol to prove precision and a series of functional parts like the top 10 electric longboard/stresstest parts in thingiverse.