3D Printing Request

Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone is able to provide a service by 3d printing this item for my GTX - it’s a simple spacer that i would like to use. Would anyone with a 3d printer be willing to make it, for a price of course?

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Where do you live? Us? Eu? I can maybe help you with it

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Any material request? PETG, Nylon, Nylon + Carbon Fibre, Polycarbonate? I live in Sweden, EU.

ask @Bshady3

Check out 3d hubs

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Yeah that’s the easiest way, 3dhubs, would likely cost very little.

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In the US; I may have a contact on the East Coast who can help make it, but I would like to keep my options open

@karma I appreciate it, but I am in the US - shipping may be an issue

I am in the US where in it are you I only do local prints atm

Im in California

ok I am in Sandiego county are you in socal

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Yeah I am based in Orange

Okay that’s no problem pm and we can work out the details and cost

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For sure - my friend ordered one from someone and said I can check it out once he gets it, so I will hit you up when that happens. Do you know what material is best suited for this?

Pla would be good and would have the highest quality for the cheapest