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Hello Builders,

I am new to this forum and new to Esk8t in general. I found this having bought my son a Backfire G2s (which he loves by the way) and became obsessed with figuring out how I can have fun with him. So here I am planning my first build.

My name is Chad, and I am from Atlanta Georgia.

One of the things that I noticed on esk8t builders is the amazing amount of knowledge and innovation concentrated here on the forum. Being an engineer for an information security startup by day and a Maker by night this is right up my alley. I don’t have a allot to contribute just yet (will come in time), but I did notice that not everyone has a 3d printer and some are looking for cost-effective services to create prototypes. This brings me to this post.

It just so happens that I have been doing commissioned 3d printing services on my Prusa i3 Mk3 and MK2 on makeXYZ for over a year. I have printed everything from toys to car parts. My slicing profiles are well tuned, and I can deliver great results across different material types for much less than 3dhubs, MakeXYZ or similar services, and I can also supply references if needed. Below are some of the materials I currently have on hand

  1. PLA & PLA+
  2. ABS
  3. Nylon
  4. Polycarbonate
  5. Flexibles like Ninja Flex
  6. Woodfill
  7. Carbon Fiber Filament (still testing)

Primary build platform is 250x210x210 mm (considering extending the Z-axis)

Also, if I do not have the filament, you’re looking for just let me know, and I could potentially source it for you.

I generally print at 0.2000 mm but have provides tuned all way down to .0500.

New additions:

• Multi-Material/Color (ETA November-December) • I will also be adding an SLA printer to the group shortly. (Planned for January)

I apologize that this is all I have to offer at the time but thought perhaps I could be of assistance if this type of thing is needed.

I have attached a few pictures of recent prints to give you an idea of the print quality.

I decided to print a remote case last night using some multi-color filament that I bought for my daughter. printed at .1500



Really neat Ninja Flex Cheatah wheel printed last night IMG_1063%5B1%5D

Here is Black PETG at .2000mm IMG_1037%5B1%5D

Here is Translucent Red ABS .2000mm


Cool print from Woodfil .2000mm (was looking to get a grain look) IMG_0254%20(1)

For the Destiny fans


I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to reach out if there is something I can help with.

Thank you, Chad Gasaway


Ah a man of culture I see

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Lol, don’t get a chance to play games much but it is my favorite.

strongly recommend adding some carbon fiber nylon like nylonX to your filament quiver. has the same moisture restrictions as regular nylon though, so keep it in a desiccant box.

Funny you should meantion that. I just ordered some from Matterhackers today. Should be here next week.

Hey, I would be very interested if you could print a Firefly remote for me:

I wouldn’t need all the pieces of the file, just the case, trigger and throttle. I have hear that nylon would be good (unless you recommend something else?).

Do yo have an estimate of how much you would charge for that job?

Hi Diego,

Happy to print this for you. There seems to be a number of people looking for this print specifically in Nylon. Nylon is great but PETG is a solid choice as well and it can be done for a bit less for a controller.

Sending a quote via private message.

made my day lol.

How much to make the Destiny Ghost? looks soo good!

Also looking for a Firefly Remote Shell in Orange and Blue nylon too if thats possible?

Hi Wraith,

Nice to e-meet another Guardian ;-).

I unfortunately do not have Orange and Blue Nylon at the moment. Currently just have black in Nylon but PETG is a great plastic and I do have a very nice translucent Orange in both PETG and ABS. Also have PETG in Black as well. Just let me know if that is something you would be interested in.

To keep the topic on esk8 I will send a private message on the Ghost.

Thank You, Chad

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