3D printing service

My printer: Upgraded Anet A8 Slicer: Ultimaker cura

You need to choose quality of the print (0.1mm to 0.3mm) and infill Quality is layer height and print speed I ussualy print at 0.15mm and 60mm/s

Infill from 0 to 100%

At the moment i only have brown abs plastic

I’m from Croatia, Europe

2$ per hour of printing + cost of material and shipping


I have the same printer! What all upgrades have you done for better print quality? (Obviously the drag chains are just for asthetics).

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Yeah they are haha

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Cool cool. Have you had good luck printing abs without an enclosure? I’ve been sticking with PLA and PETG. Also a tip, you can add 2 more linear bearings to the table slide that gets rid of some wobbles. I’m currently designing a new carriage for a Bowden extruder and add 3 6mm rails and linear bearings to the y and z axis. I can share all the files if you are interested (will be done in within a week).

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I’m planing to build an enclosure yeah

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Don’t use the anti Z wobble! I’ve owned an A8 for a few years and I can say that this doesn’t help the printer. The guide rods are enough to keep the x axis aligned, restricting the threads will cause the white X-carriage mounts to bind up on the threads which will give you more X/Z issues.

Also, those chains are just there for aesthetics right? I tried them out and they only caused issues. After a day I ripped them off lol

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jep, keep the anti z-wobble away fromt he printer. if you have wobble there, get new rods. the anti wobble thingies will only put strain on the motors and those rods are actualy designed to have space up there.

that gopro case doesnt look to good btw. you shouldnt be able to see those lines. that be could be to high temperature (looks like it), bad calibration (overextrusion, wrong values for the steppers) or loose belts (head doesnt stops where it should stop)

a few tips:

  • do not put the spool on top of your printer. ther acrylic frame will only wobble more and further decrease your quality.
  • do temperature calibration runs for each new spool you use. every spool is different, even if it comes from the same company
  • put these on your frame.also helps eliminating wobble a bit. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1672959

PS: chains are fine if they are properly printed and smooth to move :wink:

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Just finished my whole ANET A8 upgrade. Extra 6mm rails and bearings to the y and z axis, New bowden hot end, nylon belts instead of the steel ones it comes with. I can provide files to anyone interested. better

whats the orange remote you printed? i’m looking for a good thumb remote

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