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Hi, guys just wanted to notify that since today we are finally VAT free for customers outside of European Union. We finally have an agreement with our postal office to provide necessary documents for VAT exemption for non-EU customers.

In product page you can see price with/without VAT as our majority customers are from US :wink:

Have fun shopping!


@Cobber I think you would be happy to hear this


I am, congratulations for getting your tax paper work sorted, I am sure it will lead to you getting a lot more sales abroad :kissing_heart: It’s late and I’m lit, I’ll buy a set tomorrow Bro on principle! :yum:


You know what bureaucracy is with Government institutions it took a while to get this shorted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you very much for using this, and not “EU” :rofl:

I think I saw ur post and then remembered that not many people remember that EU is not Europe :smiley:

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Dude this is fantastic news! Congrats.

The cost difference between those wheels and superstars is even more tempting now that VAT is out of the picture.

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It only 110g more heavier than superstars :smiley: So you gain only 440g (bag of pasta)


Looks great!

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From June 2 to June 13 online store will be on holidays. You can still buy, but orders will be shipped after June 13!

Store is back online, all the orders which where accumulated in that period was shipped today!

Small update:

Now we have UPS shipping available in store for selected countries:

  • UPS Express (1-2 workday delivery)
  • UPS Standard (5 workday delivery)

* Pricies varies based on countries.


Alright :smiley:

Shop is going for small holidays, so the orders will be processed after November 5 :wink:

Just wanted to mention to everybody who is PM & emailing me that post offices these days are really busy and packages will probably arrive later than usually so please be patient and wait. More information is mostly available in your local post office website tracking page using same tracking number (USPS for US) which will provide much more information than our local post office website.

If somebody still wants to receive some stuff this year I am suggesting to use UPS shipping as post office mentioned that packages shipped at this time will arrive next year mostly.

In few days I am leaving for my trip to Japan so I will not be responding so quickly as usually so if you have some question you will need to wait for the moment I will be online to respond to them :slight_smile:

Just in case I will not have internet on holiday days I would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

:christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :gift::confetti_ball: :fireworks: :sparkler:


Any update on when you might have the focbox mounts in stock?

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Hey guys, here is our line up black friday:

Two discounts:




On other news we are releasing new gear drives, hangers, adjustable baseplates on Black Friday (Prices will be added on Friday)

New urethane gear drive with straight/helix gears and support bearings (motor and wheels have bearings which cancel out axial loads saves your motors) with new hanger size 275 will be able to fit dual 6396 motors using maytech motors no motor axle cut off needed.

P.S. Gear drives are pre-assembled no need for meshing

EDIT: Discounts are from November 29 00:00 GMT till November 30 00:00 GMT

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Will you be starting a thread on those new GD when they are available? Have they been tested on the road yet? :slight_smile: