3DServisas Trampa | Trampa Holy Pro | 8085 170KV 6kW | FatBoy SS 1:5 Gear Drive | 12S 10P 30Q 30Ah | Dual FocBox

Here in lays 80% of your issues Mr Kugs. Absolutely zero sense of humour or humility. Bless you.

Well, I am not troll like you, I am here with issue not trying to make jokes like you always do. It’s not like I can get hanger tomorrow and enjoy the board in the holiday period when I have time. It’s not like my father has all the time to shit post and do whatever he wants in the meantime. It’s small gap in between works where he can enjoy himself and etc and now its and issue and board is unrideable. After holidays back to works and what you will do go post some other shits aka zero sense of humour.

Time is money you know…

If you want I can suspend all the order right now and go for the making troll post and etc will people be happy no?

So if you appreciate the stuff you get from him at least be supportive if you don’t like stuff we make we can happily stop making it and just continue working on our main business as this is not our main income, just trying to provide for this community.


It’s Christmas eve. You want Frank to run into the office, get a part for you and drive it to your house to satisfy your rediculous expectations?

This is a pointless conversation. Happy holidays captain bitterness


Well, I am not expecting anything just at least some kind of message, not trying to explain a not existing issue.

Well, your 60% of posts are pointless aren’t them?

Happy holidays Mr Troll.

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Marry Christmas guys! My Kids expect Santa to come to our home right now. Food is slowly cooking and the entire family just arrived.

I hope you all will find some rest during the Christmas season.


Merry Christmas Frank (and to the entire Trampa team) Enjoy your break :smiley:

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I find 100% of your posts filled with all of the points. Alot of them are sly ways of calling people out for being twats and elitists. That lets me know who to stay away from and not give my money too. Thank you for your service good sir.

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Merry Christmas everyone. I know that after Christmas I will be a lot heavier so will need bigger motors :joy:


That’s why I ordered some 8085s :relieved: just to be prepared :joy:




@Kug3lis is that you? :heart_eyes:


Get it done papa! What a legend

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Your counting system is a bit confusing , why does both numbers go up here:

Isn’t the left 3Dservas made and the right outsourced made?

I’m just taking part by part what he posted about the build. it’s the third in the list and the first of his design. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as either way, at least it’s his design. You can have other’s make your parts, I don’t see that as a problem. But it should be at least your own designs if your claiming “built from scratch”…

No, the right is the total. It always goes up.

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Yes, just a ratio of “in house design”/“total parts”. Basically, out of all of the parts, how many are actually original designs.

Are the cans sealed?


Ah ok that makes sense , Thanks

Danielle said to tell you “Cute YSLs” and “She’s tiny!” lol

Merry Christmas, Aurimas and Audrius!


Merry Christmas