3x VESC and a remote located US (sale pending)

2x Ollin Vescs, and 1 focbox all fine except they were loaded with incorrect firmware, might be a simple fix with st link might not be either way you can send them to someone else to get repaired if you can’t do it yourself, I’m tossing in the gt2b remote mod for giggles but it has to be within 1ft range if the receiver(again may be a simple fix idk) image

Just shoot me a price I’m not trying to make a crapload of money just trying to sell them for something

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How much for the two ollins?

Yeah could you give some prices? Interested in the VESC’s if the price is right :slight_smile:

Lol you guys just have to pm me an offer😆 @totalgeek9224 @ryansinatra

Im always scared to shoot an offer cause i don’t wanna be “that lowballing douche” :rofl:

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No worries man it’s all fair game

After looking at the retail price for the ollin VESCs I don’t think they are in my budget range anyways :joy:

Guys I’m not trying to make a profit here I’m just not gonna use them so I’m giving em off, I’d be looking for $45 each

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I’ll do that. Sending pm

Sent a message

Aaaaawwwgg (16 hours ago) dang, late again!!

PM sent.

Is Focbox still available?