4.7 inch skateboard wheels- work with abec drive gear

these wheels are from a fusion scooter… I realized they had skateboard bearings, then that they fit perfectly on trucks, and finally, was able to attach a belt setup and make then run! all with basically no modification (just added some washers to space the gear away from the wheel). They are a surprisingly soft compound too… very enjoyable to ride, besides having crappy bearings with too much play… but that can be fixed. here are are some pics:

also, the backwards facing enertion mount is just so that I can use the dropdeck I love without risers. it was basically just some dremel work to make it fit in reverse…


nice work. that will make some tall ratios!

cool, how much they weigh? What diameter?

Also be careful of overheating the motors, the gearing is not designed for that.

yea, I didn’t even go around the block before taking them off: nothing was thread locked, and I basically just wanted see how they felt. Motor never got warm because it only went about100 meters at 1/4 throttle :grinning:

diameter is about 4.7 inches, as they were slightly smaller than your 5 inch pneumatics. This was just eyeballing it when they were side by side, so its not the end all be all of measurements…

I’ll get an exact measurement and weight tomorrow.

Next, I’ll probably look at possibly using the 5 inch pnuematics pulley kit on the wheels, and just seeing if I can get things to line up. What was really nice about the abec drive gear, was that it sat perfectly within the bottom of the spoke… I was surprised at how well it actually worked out. maybe down the road if I end up wanting to make a big-wheeled street board, I’ll get a 44 tooth drive gear, and make a 12/44 gear ratio. It still would probably be too high, but I’ll cross the next bridge when I come to it… for now, I am just content with the success of today, lol.

What durometer do you think those are? I like the profile shape of them.

They feel about the same as my 75a abec flywheels. I just tried looking it up, but the scooter has long been discontinued…

this was the company who used to make it: http://fuzionscooter.com/brands/fuzion/

I really like those wheels. I’ll bet they feel great. Can’t wait to see how they do on the larger pulley.

I’m gonna BUMP this old thread! I’m interested in this type of urethane wheel that’s larger than a 97mm but not a pneumatic. Any updated ideas?


Someone got to try it

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Bling bling

I have 100x34mm scooter wheels on my test board. they work just fine. rides much smoother than my regular 76mm wheels.

they use regular skate bearings, but require a longer spacer. 20mm iirc. my axle wasn’t long enough, so I had to dremel away the recess the outside bearing sits on to be able to use 10mm spacers and push the bearing further inside in order to get the nut on.