4 Speed Mode 2.4Ghz Remote / NewVersion Remote Controller RC6 - Possible to pair with VESCs?

Hi, Forum :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

TL:DR: 4 different speeds with different torques; ON/OFF switch; Reverse switch; 4-point board battery indicator.

Looks very ergonomic and compact, but they’re afraid it will not pair with other ESC/VESCs beside their own :thinking:

DIYeboard.com link

That remote with it’s 4 speed modes would be the beauty to tame a beasty 4wd build :slight_smile: Whatcha think, hivemind?


They’ve made it pretty clear that it’s only going to pair with thier esc and the remote is sold without a reciever

Well… jeah, but I still hope someone here pops up and says “Hey, I can poke and tinker that to pair with vesc!”

It’s a nice remote, better than the 2-speed variant Maytech sells<:P