4 Wheel Drive Carvon v2

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Same deck, but running an 8ah zippy’s at 12s (4 x 3s), same chaka quad VESC.

No load speed is 70 mph, so I’m hoping to be able to hit 50 mph with this board. I did 38 mph before with 2 of these motors and it felt like I had a lot of range left. I’m hoping the 4wd helps get me up to high speeds! More to come…


oh god damn that sounds exciting! Planning to build one of these when the V3s go on sale. Interesting job with the deck, it kinda reminds me of ollinboard’s pressed deck, but the curves are so wild, it looks like a Dr. Suess drawing. Were all those intentional or did the deck warp out of the mold?

Completely intentional. The deck was cnc milled, sheet by sheet, and glued together in a vacuum bag. In the process of setting up my new workshop, so my new method (which involves a hydraulic press now) will be perfected and decks will be for sale soon.

Bear in mind, this deck is over a year old at this point, still rock solid.

that’s cool to hear. maybe I don’t have to build one and can buy one of yours assuming your workshop will be selling them? Better start buying the wife flowers now haha

lol, yea, the plan is to sell decks individually first, before entering the completes market.

Doesn’t look to bad, but I wonder if you have considered chamfered edges to make it look slimmer. Also if it had more standard size ~12mm noses it would look even better. Also a bigger 1inch drop would be cool imo.

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The new decks I’m making are a steeper drop through. I am working on the edges to give it a better appearance. I don’t want to loose any little bit of the concave of the board though. I like super curvy decks!

They are also longer and can fit 2x vesc with a 12s6p!


You are crazy, in the best kind of way. This build will be BEAST! Popcorn out.

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Thanks man! I am a bit crazy when it comes to speed. Can’t get enough of it.

Very interesting!! I’m looking forward to building my board too using Carvon V3s. Did you ever consider running a lab offering assistance for people who want to remain involved in the construction of their deck? I know I would pay for that.