40T abec pulley. WTB

Where can I get a 40t 15mm pulleys and 40t 12mm pulleys. I can’t find them anywhere! Need them for the 107’s

I told u ,you would need more than 32t… Anyways collections/drive-wheel-pulleys/products/40t-abec11-drive-wheel-pulley-only diy sells them 40t 12m

Is this literally the only place you can get them and there aren’t any 15mm ones are there :pensive:

Going from 32T on 97mm to 36T on 107mm seems to work well – preserves gear ratio

I have up to 38T for flywheels and kegels. You don’t actually need 40T for them but i imagine you’d have more torque than you’d ever need if you had them.

This is running a 16/35 on superflys.

Ok probably about to order the 38t 13mm, you don’t have any 15mm do you?

not yet. Just one for 9mm and 12mm belt sizes.

Also don’t forget the F608ZZ bearings, you can get them from amazon. And if you have standard axle lengths you’ll need to take 8mm of aluminum off the hanger.

@Titoxd10001 was selling aluminum 40T 15mm wheel pulleys. Not sure if he still is.