42mm motor mount - Open To Modify

Hello friends, some of you know that I have a 4260 motor, it have power to carry me and Blah Blah Blah, I’ll talk about it in another post (The Build One). Anyway, my motor mount bended, it was made with a iron sheet, but the holes was too big and it bended, So I’ve designed my own Mount.

Features- -Hub is Inside the mount -Adjustable Belt Tension -Fix in a normal Paris Truck -Screw head is inside the plate too -M3 screw size in the motor -Works just for motors with 25mm screws distance (42mm in general) but I can give you the files to modify and use it in a 50xx or 63xx motor

Tell me things that you don’t liked so I can change and make it better

The motor plate might be a little thin, hard to tell. It’s really ming, what size belts are you using. The clamp looks beefy, that’s good.

It have 6mm I think! I will use 120XL belt (304mm) with 16/36 pulleys

Why so long? I use 265mm and they are a bit too long for me.

Because I bought this one and they are easier to find

Cool, I can dig necessity. Good luck