$44 5065 140kv sensored motor (Looks like Ollin/Chaka's motors)

you think there’s a shot they also sell evolve trucks/motor mounts as well? that would be a great find.

I know you can buy the real ones but for 70-85 bucks a piece that’s a lot. would be great if they had knockoffs for half that

How does the AT kit have anything to do with the evolve electronics? Its wheels and pulleys. Thats it.

I contacted BangGood and asked if they could do a 200kv, unfortunately not.

They’re easily installed, and nobody has anything else like it available. Pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with plastic pulleys.

You are honestly one of the biggest most negative trolls on this entire forum. There is nothing useful about your posts in this topic(and most of this forum actually), just negativity. Take your trash attitude somewhere else.

I think it might be better to contact the actual manufacturer.

I was originally going to do a group buy on them but we couldn’t reach the MOQ. That’s why I have to buy through banggood.

My christmas present to myself. Arrived yesterday - phew - close call :smiley:


Will you run it on 12S since it is such a low kv?

does it come with the other end of the connector? i hope so lol

and please test on 12s, i think these will be my next motors to try if they can handle 12s!

Going to use it with 6S Car ESCs and a 149kv SK3 in a dual diagonal board. It all comes down to the gearing. With the SK3 I am using a 20/50t ratio with my skike pneumatics so this one will be used with a 15/36 ratio to basically get the same top speed.

No it does not. But it is a standard mt30 connector you can buy on HK. Or just change it to bullet connectors like I plan to do.

@Maxid please review it after you used it :slight_smile: Also: were there any duties to pay ?

Will do - but will take a while. I ordered via germany express, so no duties.

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So I was just watching this video on how RC motors are made and suddenly those Racestar motors showed up. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but at least it seems like they have good quality control and that the production is up to standards.


I bought the Racerstar 5065 from banggood and it is a beast! This is my first build, so I have nothing to compare it to but I’m completely shocked at the hills this thing climbs while still getting about 18-20mph. I am using the 15T gear it came with, but might swap it for a larger one.

The holes on the motor would not align with the motor mount, I had to dremel them a little larger. But again, I don’t have another to compare it to.

And getting that pulley off the first time was a nightmare. It was caked in loctite. Luckily my dad had a bearing puller.


I am unsure whether to get the Racerstar 6368 (https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-6368-BRH6368-280KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-For-Balancing-Scooter-p-1117659.html) or the NTM Prop Drive 270kV (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/ntm-prop-drive-50-60-270kv-2400w.html). I am only 50kg and will be running these on a 7s6p battery pack of 2500mah liion cells (Samsung INR 18650 25R) on a 16:48 gear ratio - would the extra size of the 6368 give me more torque? The reason I ask this is that the Racerstar motor draws 480W at 24V, whilst the NTM prop drive is said to draw 2400V on a 8s.

All I know banggood motor’s have also hall sensors if youre into that later…

Prop drive is seriously smaller… compared to 6368 Racerstar

With banggood’s motors, you have to take into consideration that unless you make custom motor point, Ive heard that screw holes dont align with the one’s turnigy and other motors use, so you would either have to redrill a holes a little bit… (if you use ready made mount) or make the mount yourself.

Cannot really tell which one would give more torque… the Kv ratings listed are pretty close to each other, but you still cannot know for sure what kv they actually are under load, I think, since Ive seen some people measuring the kv, and not always it has been as specified (or this was the thing with Torqueboards motor’s ? )