$44 5065 140kv sensored motor (Looks like Ollin/Chaka's motors)

From a chart on the site, it looks like they’ll also be carrying the 200kv version soon. Here’s the link: http://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-5065-BR5065-140KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-With-Gear-For-Scooter-p-1110304.html?p=842322733432201408CW


I really like that 3 bullet connector! and it looks vesc ready with the jst zh sensor plug!

even that flat side pulley is awesome! maybe better than a keyway!

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what about the space between holes? it says 38mm? Am I reading it right?

@lox897 Brother Hobby? This one comes with the pulley (looks like a 14t).

Pulley doesn’t have a flange and that branding looks terrible. We could get it though. We should wait for 200kv

Those are the exact same (even the connectors and cable lenght, they didn’t change anything) as the Evolve GT boards, really good to know!

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Leo are you 100% positive these are Evolve GT motors?

Here is a picture of my Bamboo GT motors

Haha so you’re the guy with the spoiler, I have no idea if it’s 100% the same but it looks like it. Same shape and size, same cables and connectors, same Kv. Not the first time I find Evolve Spare parts in china.

Here’s my BGT btw


Yeah! Spoiler FTW! Lol

Makes me laugh every time I’m I look at the board.

Great find on the motor!

I’ll paint the board in black as well once it has a lot of scratches

I saw that board on their Instagram. Nice job!

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thanks dude!

Where did you find the trucks??? pm the link if you can!!! :money_mouth:

Probably not the evolve motors, as it says 1200w max. Evolve should be 1500w. Even though most of these specs are negligible…

Those are the Evolve GT trucks, you can find them here

I think Evolve may push them a bit overspec in GT mode, hence the 1500W, but I could be wrong

do you happen to know the width of the evolve AT hubs? Do they fit standard axles?

I’m thinking maybe the evolve motors are special ordered out of this same factory with some slightly upgraded internal components.

I could check for you, but i feel like they will. When i install my AT kit, all i have to do is scoot the motor back a bit, no other adjustments are needed. Considering the Evolve pulleys are about 15mm, im feeling like it would fit.

I’m actually surprised more people don’t use the evolve kit on their DIY builds.

Most of people didn’t get the fully modular aspect of the GT setup, I’m thinking of doing an extended battery for my BGT, maybe by choosing a slightly longer deck

thanks for $165 a set is ridiculous! I was hoping you found a (spare part) source :joy: