4500mAh 5s 35C or 3000mAh 5s 65C Lipo for my setup

Hi there, So I want to use the 6374 from flipsky (3250W) in a 10s configuration. The gear ratio would be 16T to 40t. The wheels are 83mm in diameter. If I get a range of around 10km (~7miles) I would be happy enough. I do a lot of city commuting. The batteries are the 4500mAh one And the 3000mAh one So yeah what lipos would you recommend. Cheers

65C x 3Ah = 195 Amps
35C x 4.5Ah = 157.5 Amps

This is what’s commonly referred to as overkill. For your motor anyway. (single right?)

the Zippy 4.5Ah will get you further and still provide more than enough Amps. Go for that one for the numbers. Although Im not sure about the quality of a Zippy Lipo. They tend to lose their capacity quickly.

edit: Go for this one if you can warrant a few more dineros. The Graphene is meant for SUper high discharge and not a lot of Energy. (Put out less energy but do so faster) For your build, You will not exceed 60A for any substantial amount of time.

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Drop the Zippy, spend few more bucks and get the Turnigy graphene ? You can always re-use them if you upgrade or change setup.

The Graphene ones are now 60 bucks when I last checked it they were $53, lol. Anyway the reason I chose these high output lipos is that tbey apparently dont have that mich of a voltage drop. But I am completely new to batteries and that whole shebang. Maybe I misread something, idk. Oh, and yes single motor! :slight_smile: