47T & 60T 15mm Bergmeister Aluminium Pulleys $75

Google form https://goo.gl/forms/2QcSSmIGRyEDA0fM2

15mm belt width.

6061-T6 Aluminium, natural silver anodizing.

$75 for 2 pieces

Has a bearing seat for 6300RS Bearing - A bearing that has a 10MM ID. I can supply this if you need it. $8-10 extra

IMG_20190321_120712 IMG_20190321_115616 IMG_20190321_115627 IMG_20190321_115649 IMG_20190321_115656 IMG_20190321_122444 IMG_20190321_123612


Pictures? And price?

Save ne one

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Pretty simple really, Ill show some renders since they are getting made right now

$80 for 2 pieces. I think thats fair


This is great !!! At 80 euros, I take a set (2 pulleys) ! I’m France and can pay you any way (I prefer SEPA transfer, if UK is still in SEPA zone :wink: ) and any time you want.

Let me know. Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

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Nice! What’s shipping to US?

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Just under $20

Yeah ill keep it updated when they arrive :slight_smile:

And btw I have transferwise so receiving money from other countries isnt an issue for me

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Please put me down for a pair.

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I don’t think I need to re-say it but still dibs on one set!

15mm belts? If so I want a set

Yes 17.5mm wide so fits 15mm wide pulleys. Not 20mm though


I’m happy :smiley:

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Why not :slight_smile: I’m in

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Are they made to fit a bearing in them and what would be the outer diameter size of the bearing?

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They will fit a 6300 bearing.

So 10mm axles


I will confirm when I get them though

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Set for me too please

I am too lazy to look for it myself: Is there a bearing that will work with 8mm axles? I have the TB218s.

Get me down for a set :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I’ll take a set.

Not that I’m aware of.