4x FOCBOX for sale NEW

I listed these on here about a week ago and the buyer ended up backing out, so I still have them which is good news for you! I’ll put the original post below this containing all relevant info on them.

I have 4 brand new FOCBOXes I can sell for $130 each, $250 for 2, or $490 for all 4. I will cover the shipping cost within the US.

As many of you know, I offer a repair service, so if you’re interested in buying a warranty/insurance through me, I can offer heavily discounted repairs. I haven’t done this before, so it’s just four FOCBOXes for now to gauge interest and see how it works. I think a fair price would be $30 each for the warranty, and then 1 free repair and then 3 $30 repairs after the free one has been used would be included with that. Right now FOCBOX repairs are going for $60 a piece, or $110 for two, so that’s a pretty good deal.



Im interested in the 4 Focbox. Do you accept PayPal? If so send invoice to [email protected].

Thanks Greig

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If he doesn’t get all four I’ll take two of them.


Please remove his comment.

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Two have already been purchased, so I only have two left at the moment.

@Gjf1 @High-roller

ill get the other two if they still availible.

@Gjf1 They are. I’ll PM you with the details.

@High-roller when I have more in stock, I’ll PM you