4x New FOCBOX for sale [SOLD]

Hello all, I have 4 brand new FOCBOX motor controllers for sale. Shipping within the US will be included in that cost.

Prices updated below 1x $120 2x $220 4x $430

Alright I’m not tryna hate but you realize you can buy 2 focbox unities right now for $500 shipped right? They are due to ship by the end of the month.

Anyways good luck with the sale dude.


True but no longer being sold by enertion is a factor to consider. Not to mention that these can be shipped leaker then the unities and still have the ability to be more reliable separately via Ppm then if a single unity went kaboom. I don’t expect normal focboxes to go down from the 150 price at least until spring or when vendors can stock and ship the unity like they could the Focbox


This is just not true. From all the unities out there they have proven to be very reliable. Plus you get a anti spark switch and a more compact package. But anyways I would rather buy 2 unities and still have $60 in my pocket anyday.


I’m saying as a unit. If the unity goes down , all of it goes down.

In a Ppm Focbox setup , as a unit , one can fail while the other can stay alive.

The unity it’s isnt bulletproof , the unity can fail as it has parameters to fail. Hopefully no one treats the unity as a piece of tech that can’t.

Understand that I’m not dissing the unity for the niece piece of tech that it is, because it is , but nothing beats a redundancy system, that’s why the Focbox can and is still relevant.

Not to mention that your post ignores that 4 people can buy one Focbox or a person needs to Focbox for dual diag, making the need presumable and the price , with the limited quality for sale out there, justifiable.

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I have the Unity and I have Focbox controllers. The Unity is just as reliable of not more thanks to the antispark - I’also haven’t personally heard of and dead unities that weren’t the users fault.

I’ve seen a couple of posts like this and was expecting them tbh. The only thing that these have above the Unity is the fact they will ship earlier.

TL:DR - If you fried a Focbox and just need a single unit I would consider one of these otherwise just buy a Unity and wait.

Edit: Added a picture lol image


And the redundancy. It’s not a matter of the unity being solid so far , it’s a matter of when/if something happens to it , whether by user causes , or something gone wrong , the entire unity is down.

I agree that a unity system is better than a Focbox system since a Focbox system can have at least 3 weak points (antispark , Focbox 1 & Focbox 2) , but ignoring the fact that it has a better redundancy than a single unity it just irresponsible when looking at the price current focboxes should be sold at. Not to mention that the above price is already discounted since it includes shipping.

Don’t understand the point of that honestly. I am going to have to use my back up focboxes to see what’s going on though since the non mobile Focbox UI tool for Mac is not compiling for me and the only VESC Tool available for Mac is the one normal VESC’s are using.

who knows if they find another 100 hiding under another couch. :wink:


I honestly totally forgot about the Unity, so to make these prices more competitive with that, I’ll drop it to $130 a piece, $250 for 2, or $480 for all 4


I just discounted even more because I need money to buy skateboard parts with :joy:

Ill give you $200 for 2

I have a few better offers at the moment, but that price is $220 shipped within the US, so $110 per FOCBOX is pretty darn cheap

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These are officially sold. Thanks everyone who was interested in these. I get more in stock from time to time, so PM me if you want first dibs in the future!


Calling @mmaner :slight_smile: