4x or more lipo's in parallel

Nah he sent it to me via pm :joy::grin:

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Yep, it’s easy to make. You just need a nice fat tip and good soldering iron.

Just clamp them together, strip enough wire. Twist it, and solder one at a time. Tons of flux and solder, good joints are important.

Then pot it or tape it.


IMG_20190226_214653 IMG_20190226_214646


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Thanks for the help guys, im still super parodied about my connector even after using copper 10awg wire and a ton of solder

@anon64938381 but at least when i think about what this guy did to his focbox bullet connectors i feel better about myself sorry @anon64938381 :rofl::man_facepalming::grimacing:

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You should be fine. Just make the connector before hooking it up to your battery (don’t do it on a live battery, neg and pos are way to close together haha). Then there’s no immediate risk and you can check it after. Once you have a good connecttion, treat yourself like an artist with the solder. You want to brush it to smooth it out. A lot of heat is really important for this, thus why a good soldering iron is a good invest. It’s not about max temp, but maintaining the correct temp.

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haha im not going to tey with copper strands its just wayy to hard,

That’s indeed a nope. These boards are meant for hobby chargers and those rarely surpass 20a.

Ok thanks, seems I found a better solution anyways

You might be better of just using a car battery if you want some big amps :slight_smile:

Copper bus bars would be your easiest solution and replace the xt60s with crimped connectors, then on the other side something like AS150 or any connector that can handle as much amps as possible

i mean the boss welder wont pull that many amps anyways @Acido , if we go off of specs this setup can pull 1000+ amps which is more than most car batteries @Friskies

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