4x3S or 2x6S? Pros and cons?

I can not decide when it comes to batteries and needs your opinion. Do you think I should go with 4x3S or 2x6S? Pros and Cons except that 4x3S takes more space?

I appreciate all answers!

I personally would go with 4x3S. If one cell of a lipo dies the whole pack has to be replaced (or you replace single cells by your own). Also you could ride on 9s meanwhile and the 3s cells have probably a higher C rate aswell.

How do 4x3s make up more space if they are just a total of 12 equal Lipo cells. If anything 4x3s can be laid flat occupying less height or in a set in a 2x2 of 3s occupying the same as a 2x6s.

It just comes down to space. Do you want a long thin battery pack or a short thick one?

If the cells are the same it will have zero effect on performance.