4X4 All Terrain E Boads 1400W Electric Skateboard Scooter

Whoa! $4,300 for this space craft

Battery: 1400W 48V*10AH Lithium Battery Max load weight: 200kg 440lbs LCD display indicates power, range, time, speed and voltage Charger 110V-240V Range 60-80km 37-50 miles. Depends on your weight Speed 40KM 24mph Wireless remote control wand and digital screen. Controls direction and speed


Looks epic!! 4300$ with that bulky controller though… i think it’d still be better to make it a DIY project

There’s a solid markup on that. That’s not even 2 grand worth of stuff in there.



It’s Fugly lol

You want markup…look at this stupidity


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Good ol eBay. There’s always someone on there trying to gouge some dumb or unsuspecting person. Maybe they just added an extra zero by accident? Lol