4x4 penny Board 🤯 hi

What’s up EBoarderz! This is my first topic/ project, and I look forward to all of your feedback. Currently parts are still being ordered, but I have most of the parts already. I am basically a noob to this, but I have been doing research on this for the last 2 years. I just recently committed enough time to actually start now. So pictures will be available soon, so hold tight.

Just a jist of the build so far

  • 22" Australia penny board ($100)

  • 2 105mmx68 all terrain power trucks (300$)

-2 5s 8000mah 18.5v lipo (160$)

  • 4x4 vesc 10s lipo max (170$)

More details coming in near future. I will also post pictures soon. :blush: I also have plans for 1 footstrap on front foot for more control ( leaving back foot no strap). This is just an ideal I’m playing with, with hopes for big alleys, and easier motion when popping curbs.

(1st update) After further research, I found out my original specs was underpowered.(nubness). So I changed the original 10s build to a 10s2p. IDK if i will have enough power to enjoy myself, but I’ll just have to test it out. I want togo 3p, but due to space restrictions I’m barely making specs now. I’ll just have to wait for other lipos to come in, and see what I can do then. Thanks to my trusty dermel I freed space In the enclosure and some threw the board itself. Currently waiting for esc now. any input on my build is welcomed.


Dude… this is a crazy unique build.

Maybe just grip tape would suffice, no?

I’m thinking the foot strap on this deck might detract from the aesthetics, also might be a pain in the arse.

Appreciate it bro :grin: But yea definitely getting some griptape, and the front footstrap is going to be a half strap like the ones they use on that waterboarding ish…lol…it might get In The way, I’m still waiting to play with the ideal, might just trash it though…in due time…what do u feel about my power source (10s2p) u think it will be addiquate power?

Lipo can be a pain, specifically when it comes to charging. Often, depending on how you setup your battery, you need to remove them just to balance charge.

Maybe you should consider something like these readymade li-ion packs. They have built in BMS do charging is easy.

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Yes bro :woozy_face:…perfect!I saw a 10s2p with the right dimension…I’ll have to wait to order it, but it is cheaper then the lipo way I was going.im definitely Interested…I’ll have to do more research on them

Regarding your battery pack selection. The matter of needing p groups depends on the desired capacity.

If you use 18650 cells they are typically ~3 Ah and capable of delivering 10-15 A. So you use parallel groups to increase both capacity and current capability.

An 8 Ah lipo on the other hand already has more capacity than a typical 2p 18650 setup and even a shitty 10C rated lipo of that capacity can deliver 80 A.

Lipos are more work to charge since they do not generally get used with a BMS and therefore require a balance charger. But lipo prismatic cells are definitely kings when it comes to power density.

You should probably also post this on eskate news since this place is a ghost town thanks to the other guy who replied.


i just finished mine… kevin graehl. find me on facebook if you need more info. i dont’ always come here


(2nd update) So I broke the board. I tried grinding down some of the plastic support on the bottom, and quickly found out that, that was an necessity

No biggie though. Where there is a will there is a way. Lol. I bought a wooden 22inch board, and it just arrived yesterday! Also I found 2 4400 mah 10s2p li ion battery pack. For a grand total of 10s4p power source. Currently back in blueprint mode for new specs on board, but more updates to come, so keep a eye out .

Yeah, history has proven that wood seems to be the best thing to make skate decks from.

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I heard using BDE is the best

(Update #3) so I completed the build, and it might not be aesthetically pleasing, but this board is a monster. So the complete build is 22inch 4wd 10s4p board. It is so fast, definitely capable of speeds over 30, it is just a duesy getting to those speeds due to speed wobbles, but I know I really had speeds close to 30 already. It is also a manual monster, if you are experienced in penny boards this thing would definitely be fun to you. I’m getting progressively better, but I’m still in my learning curve. More updates to come soon, and remember falling hurts kids…wear protection…lol

What is BDE?