5 inch skike pneumatic tyres tubes and hubs - Brisbane Australia

Brand new, 12 in total - have drive pulleys to fit if needed. Offers in AUD. Fk it, will take USD, euro, gold bullion or bitcoin ! Am partial to Samual Smiths Organic chocolate stout as well



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70 tooth 10mm pulleys 12 new spare tyres and tubes

These look great! Would they fit on a Trampa truck?

no. the trampa truck diameter is too big. these hubs fit standard trucks.

Are those pulley HTD5m type? What is the pulley width? Are those standard skate bearings to fit 8mm trucks’ axle?

Private message sent.

Giday Jebe, looking for reliable wheels to escape Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes this season.

Have shike loads of fourex and vegemite local pickup 4171?koala02

lol - sure man. can meet up. at 4151

Another southsider…… safety in numbers.