50% off batteries - Black Friday Sale

I would be interested. I PMd you

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@dg798 taking the plunge for us.

Battery Jesus, is that you?

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Encouraging response! Encouraging response!


Do you see model of cells which are inside? Chinesse cells? What is EVe?

Where can I buy 40t’s for $6!? :slight_smile:

Theres a place on Alibaba, need someone to test them out. Their alibaba page seems legit but then again its Alibaba

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Holy crap this sounds like a good deal! If I hadn’t just ordered a battery I would’ve jumped on this.

Still waiting on photos… :frowning:

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Hm his address is listed in San Diego near me, maybe he is free to meet up and I can vouch for him? I’d buy some cells sans assembly, easier than having them shipped.


That would be great, thanks man!

Edit: Don’t get murdered, your liver is probably more valuable than scamming people 2hunnit for batteries

Trust me, they don’t want this liver after what its been through.


Yes please. I have his cell if you need it lol

Absolutely. I’d love to meet up. I’ll PM you with my phone number.

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So sorry for the delay with the photos. The holidays and family events override my scheduling. No excuse though, I should have anticipated that.

Here’s a few pics I was able to grab earlier.

IMG_3119-1s IMG_3111-1s IMG_3115-1s IMG_3120-1s

The battery pack in the blue wrap in the photo is not a great example as it was a custom arrangement which called for the BMS to be external and laid perpendicular to how it would normally be if it was wrapped with the rest of the pack.

Most of the cells I have in stock (overstocked) are in packs like you see in the photos (double stacked).

I’ll try to get some more photos tomorrow if I can get away for a minute. Might have to wait until Friday. Just to let everyone know, I’m going to keep this sale going through all of next week. Don’t feel rushed to make a purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting sales, but I want my customers to feel confident when purchasing through me.

Also, if it lends to my credibility, I’m also the owner/inventor of NoriLights.com, which has been operating since 2012. Since then I’ve shipped over 4000 Nori Lights to over 3,400 customers in over 42 countries around the world.

Before launching Pitbull, I was working as the lead tech consultant for Liftboard. I had several assignments while working for them, which included quality inspections and also developing prototypes for future versions. I really enjoyed making those prototypes, and I began getting requests from friends, then friends of friends. It continued to evolve into what is now Pitbull Electric Skateboards.

By the way, the name Pitbull was inspired by Back to the Future II, specifically the scene where Marty tries to return the borrowed pink Barbie Mattel hoverboard to the little girl, who replies “Keep it, I got a Pitbull now.” =)

I respect this website, and it’s community. And I appreciate everyone being so cautious. Makes me excited to get to the point to where I am not a stranger.

I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. And some of you have seen some of my recent innovations, those of which I plan on sharing in more detail soon.

Thanks everyone for being patient and open minded with me. Please continue to share your thoughts and concerns, ask questions, and let me know how I may be of service. And if you are in the San Diego area, hit me up. Let’s go skate.

Happy Thanksgiving



A quick note: I have just enabled Paypal payments on PitbullElectricSkateboards.com. Also, you can save time by simply typing in PBeSk8.com instead.

And I am making some changes and additions to the site tonight that will help with navigation and browsing for products, as well as adding some requested options, such as BMS discharge by-pass. I hope to get these changes implemented tonight. In the meantime, if you place an order and have any requests such as BMS discharge bypass, simply add a note during checkout. I will reach out to you to discuss if needed before shipping your order.

Thanks everyone.


If you have pics of the actual building process that would be 10x more significant than finished packs, although so far these packs look well made

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I agree, the packs we have assembled for skateboards are in my office storage. Friday I’ll take some photos. What you see in the photos is a tiny fraction of the inventory. Thanks. Good suggestion.

Also are other size batterys an option? 10s6p 12s6p?

I’ll add those options tonight.

I may re-structure the battery product listings and compile them into one “battery” product page with variants/options so that people can just go to one page and customize their pack right there.


10s5p or 10s3p would be nice too.

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