500 usd budget build help

Hi, I live in Denmark, I am 14 years old and weighs around 53 kg, and I have been researching for awhile now. I am looking for a build for around 500 USD with a 15+ km range and a speed around 25+ kmh. Since I live in Denmark it would be great if the parts are shipped from Europe or the UK. I was wondering if an 8s battery setup would be great, and I’m afraid that an ESC that can handle an 8s setup would be as expensive as a VESC, but I would prefer an ESC. One shop in Europe which I find good is https://www.proto-boards.com/ (i do already have a deck)

eBay motor mount $30 I got my lipos cheap - two of them for a total of 10s 10ah $120 Lipo charger $30 Chain drive setup $40 eBay 6364 motor $75 And finally do not go cheap on your esc… Get a vesc with warranty $150 You could also use a castle creations high voltage esc but I hear bad things about low speed performance. You don’t want to get thrown off your board

Little under $500

110 GBP for VESC 4.12 at Scramboards. If you want an ESC have a look at Hobbyking. A few guys have used the Roxxy ESC for MTB. Not cheap but apparently quite good. Hobbyking for Lipo batteries as well. Good luck

Whatch this. No need to buy vesc. 6S system, 245-260kv 63xx motor is enough for you.

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