$55 10s3p or 10s4p enclosures (boosted design)


I am thinking to start making 10s3p/10s4p enclosures. In the enclosure that I have drawn, there is room for a 10s3p pack and a bms. I have contacted a company and they can make it in aluminum for only 55$ :blush: But the minimal order is 10pieces. What do you think guys? Anybody suggestions?

I can also make let them make it in ABS(price:30$) but i think that aluminium is stronger


I would definately NOT use aluminum, too many hazards like shorting and no flex. ABS has proven to be strong enough for electric skateboard use, over and over and over its proved strong enough. Also, I would edit you layout to accommodate a normal 10s3p pack, so the pack wouldn’t have to be custom built for the enclosure, it severely limits usage as it is.


Thank you for the reply, I have now an aluminium enclosure but youre right its better for have something not conductive. I go see what i can do with my layout :wink: What thickness of the enclosure would be good?

I usually vacuum form with 1/8 ABS/Kydex. If I’m printing 3D I typically use 4mm as a minimum.

i would be interested but abs only, as mentioned before to risky in case of a short

This is how I killed my first VESC. Now I stick to ABS enclosures.

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is this designed to fit the vanguard?

I suggest you offer the Boosted Vesc enclosure too, would be great for Vanguard people having both with proper ABS for about 50 bucks!


I don’t have a vanguard but i have placed the drawing on a paper…

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I think also that 50$ is a good price but the shipping cost from china to EU is very expensive :confused:

I am thinking of make the case a little bit bigger for fit a 10s4p build included BMS.

Maybe it is possible for me to sell the case include spotwelded pack with bms for 250-300 dollars… would that be a good deal? specifications: 10s4p 10000mah 80amps max BMS: 50A included switch

I think that the case i go sell will be this: There is place for 10s4p and a BMS of max 70mm. If somebody have suggestions, tell me pls or if you have questions, ask me :wink:

This is the only possible battery layout that go fit… I have stay with this desing so the enclosure is less heigh

I made a cut for a lid(3mm) So when the lid is glued to the enclosure it would be waterproof

It would be great but i kind of need it really soon

did you ever end up making these?

Nope. @Eboosted is selling awesome enclosures.

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