56v Ego Lawn Mower Battery MBS Matrix Pro Build

I just finished with this build. I had an Ego 56V battery given to me and I kind of built around that idea. It is a 14s 1P 2.5 ah unit. They make a 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 Ah cells and you can find them in local classified pretty easy. There is a guy on Ebay that 3d prints the battery mount. It has 2 190kv Flipsky motors, Spintend Ubox and cheap ebay motor mounts that fit the early Matrix Pro Trucks. I bought and replaced the plastic top hanger with Matrix 2 hangers and I really like the way it turned out. Liam from Radium made me some beautiful chain sprocket Adaptors and I went from belts to chain last night. I carry an extra battery with me if I’m planning to be away from home for a while. It rips and I’m happy. I cannot afford lift tickets to the Mountian any more so this really scratches that itch in the summer. My plans are to AWD it next and buy the 10 Ah battery for it.


link to that?

There are a few different ones there but this looked like the best one, It is very nice

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I added 10 inch tires to the MBS Five Star wheels. I found them at Harbor Freight for about 7 bucks each. Issue was that they only came with a straight valve stem. I had to temporarily use 9 inch inner tubes to test the functionality. Also I had to install the chain Drive to them as the belts do not fit any more. The gear ratio is not ideal at 4.7 to 1. I’m waiting for drive gears from China to make it 5.5 to 1. With lower tire pressures it floats over rocks and roots and rough ground. It takes curbs with ease. I love the 10 Inch tires and will keep them however these Harbor Freight hand truck tires and for just that and are not balanced very well so at higher speeds it feels rough. I will look for some higher quality tires and will update when I get a better gear ratio

How does the battery clip in to the adapter? I seen a guy that was printing these adapters with clips but now I can’t find him. Think I am going to settle with this one.