56v Ego Lawn Mower Battery MBS Matrix Pro Build

I just finished with this build. I had an Ego 56V battery given to me and I kind of built around that idea. It is a 14s 1P 2.5 ah unit. They make a 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 Ah cells and you can find them in local classified pretty easy. There is a guy on Ebay that 3d prints the battery mount. It has 2 190kv Flipsky motors, Spintend Ubox and cheap ebay motor mounts that fit the early Matrix Pro Trucks. I bought and replaced the plastic top hanger with Matrix 2 hangers and I really like the way it turned out. Liam from Radium made me some beautiful chain sprocket Adaptors and I went from belts to chain last night. I carry an extra battery with me if I’m planning to be away from home for a while. It rips and I’m happy. I cannot afford lift tickets to the Mountian any more so this really scratches that itch in the summer. My plans are to AWD it next and buy the 10 Ah battery for it.


link to that?

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There are a few different ones there but this looked like the best one, It is very nice

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I added 10 inch tires to the MBS Five Star wheels. I found them at Harbor Freight for about 7 bucks each. Issue was that they only came with a straight valve stem. I had to temporarily use 9 inch inner tubes to test the functionality. Also I had to install the chain Drive to them as the belts do not fit any more. The gear ratio is not ideal at 4.7 to 1. I’m waiting for drive gears from China to make it 5.5 to 1. With lower tire pressures it floats over rocks and roots and rough ground. It takes curbs with ease. I love the 10 Inch tires and will keep them however these Harbor Freight hand truck tires and for just that and are not balanced very well so at higher speeds it feels rough. I will look for some higher quality tires and will update when I get a better gear ratio

How does the battery clip in to the adapter? I seen a guy that was printing these adapters with clips but now I can’t find him. Think I am going to settle with this one.

Do you have any updates on this project? I have an Ego 7.5 Ah battery and a MBS birds board that I am building around. What speed control did you use?

It’s done I made a few changes from this last post.I ride it everyday and have about 2000 miles on it. It now has 9x3 inch tires and gearing to climb mountains. I put the chains at 6.8 to 1. The ego battery has been a solid choice. I get about 7.5 miles out of my 7.5 ah battery so I bring a few in a backpack. I think it’s because my gearing is so low. The battery just slides on the battery mount and Is screwed to the deck. The link I posted for the mount is still good and the guy is solid and even warrants his work. for 56v you need an esc for higher voltages like a stormcore or a spintend. I used the spintened and it works great. So far no issues.

I ordered the Sprinted Ubox V2 100V 200A Dual Motor Controller, the 2.4GHZ Screen Remote Uni1 V2, the Boardnamics M1-AT Drive with steel helical gears with the 5.20:1 gears, (the lowest ratio they sell), and two Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened 6384 190KV 4000W motors. I have a feeling I would rater have more torque and less top end, but you have to go with what you can get. Hopefully the Ego battery is up to the task or I’ll have to build a battery as well.

Holy crap that is awesome :sunglasses:! I wanted the bigger motors too, so maybe for my next board. The battery will work. I’m almost 200 lbs and the board I made kicked ass even when it was geared 3.7 to 1, now that it is 6.8 to 1 if I hammer the throttle it will pull me back. I still can’t believe the performance I get out of the ego battery. Only down side is the range is not as much as a built battery but you can hot swap them and find them cheap on Facebook marketplace, carry them to wherever you are riding. Please keep me updated with the build I’m super curious to see how it turns out!

I bought an old battery charger for the battery mount. Then I noticed the vesc will fit inside the charger housing. It will get an aluminum plate on the bottom for mounting, sealing, wire pass through, and a heat sink. The assembly will be much further back on the board. The leading edge of the housing will be about even with the axles. Is it going to be too tail heavy?

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Sorry just got back from vacation, how did this work? I would mount the whole thing in the middle. I may also do this with my next one

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I finally got back around to building this. I had to limit the throttle to 3/4 because it was just too touchy on the low end. I’ve gone as fast as 21 miles an hour, and it still has more to give. I do not know what the range is I haven’t ran the battery out yet.

I’m building my mountainboard to be usable in inclement winter weather / mud and finally figured out a good solution for my weatherproof battery case.

Koah 10x9x7 hard shell case mounted “upside-down” on the board still allows you to slide your battery onto the mount easily and then close down over the top to keep it weatherproof. I have 12Ah and 10Ah batteries and it’s basically a perfect fit.

I actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make this work with the case right-side up in a way that still allowed me to slide the batteries on and off easily and now I feel kind of dumb I didn’t think of just mounting it upside down before today.


I don’t know about your 7.5Ah but the bigger ones can definitely handle eSkate applications. I’ve taken apart my 12Ah and posted the details here Dewalt Flexvolt? - #30 by nvuono - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - FOIL.zone

The summary with the 12Ah is you get a 14s-4p arrangement of Samsung 30Q INR18650 which are rated for continuous discharge of 15 amps and 30A pulse discharge rating. Theoretically that 4p would get you 60A continuous discharge (120A pulse) from each pack

looks like a amazing board, do you think you will ever swap to a normal pack

I love all the builds with Ego batteries, they are pretty tough and reliable. My 7.5 has been going strong for a few years now even with rain and snow rides. I have no plans to stop using them infact I ordered another mount to run 2 at the same time and awd the board

Hey I’m very new to all the Vesc stuff but I’m very interested, how do you guys program your controllers? I’m using a MakerX HI100 and just cannot get it to go. I’m not sure if I’m not programming it right or what. But every time I try motor detection on the Vesc tool. I Get the fault code abs overcurrent. The Vesc tool keeps saying it’s 65v but the battery on a volt tester says 54v. Any help would be great!

I am not sure, when I run my motor detection I tell it that is is 14s and it goes with no. Issues. Tell it that the motors are ~750 g outrunners