5m 16 tooth 15mm wide pulley for 6mm motor shaft?

I can’t seem to find a pulley that works for what I am looking for. I have an sk3 5055 280kV motor (i know it’s not very torque-y but it’s a dual motor setup), and that has a 6mm shaft diameter. I made kind of a silly mistake and got the 63mm mechanical kit from torqueboards… but I have successfully adapted everything except this: a 16 tooth, 15mm wide, 6mm bore 5m pulley. Any advice on where to find this? Anyone else accidently do this with the mismatched mechanical kit? How did you solve it?

I would prefer to get it as soon as possible, so if I don’t have to wait forever for it to ship from china that would be fantastic!

https://eskating.eu/product/custom-htd-5m-12-to-20-teeth-steel-motor-pulley-in-91215-width-2x/ I think @fottaz could do it for you since all of them are custom made anyways.

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Hi, I can do this for you, hope is not hard to find a 6mm bit :smile: You should select the 8mm bore size, then ask for the 6mm bore size at checkout notes.

You can mention the forum it’s also better! I have a good amount of these pulleys in stock and I have the full weekend focused in customized pulleys production so :rofl:

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Hi man, thank you :raised_hands: