5mm bullet connectors in San Jose?

After accidentally frying the vescs I got off of a forum member, I bought a new pair from maytech and realized that the stock hardware doesn’t come with any bullet connectors. I tried calling the hobbytown and rc racing store in san jose, but neither seemed to carry 5mm bullet connectors.

Does anyone one in the bay area have 4 female and 2 male, 5mm bullet connectors they’d be willing to sell? This is the last step in completing my first build >.<

Can’t you just desolder the bullet connectors of the fried vesc?

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In frustration at myself, I threw it away after it broke and trash has already been collected :frowning:




Why not see if the two places have smaller bullets, and use them in the meantime, i mean amss 3.5mm can do 60a continuously.

I mean 5.5 are Overkill most of the time anyways.

Technically I could go down to 4mm, but that would require 8 male/female pairs of plugs, and the hobby shops charge ~ 5 bucks per set, and most of all a lot of time resoldering everything

Actually, I think 4mm might work if I’m just replacing the connectors to and from the motors!