5mm or 9mm Gates belt?

I’m guessing a 5mm wouldnt last very long but im stuck for room. How heavy can a person be to use a 5mm belt?

Or does anyone know how little torque since a high torque motor would surely kill it in no time. Cruising only

Single or dual drive? A 5mm wide belt in single won’t last very long, even if you’re a lighter rider. it will most likely break during braking

Not very heavy… I mean is it single or dual drive (or more) cause that can impact the performance considerably. I would say you will need a 9mm belt unless you take it REALLY easy.

Single. Should be interesting to see how long it lasts

9mm is probably the thinnest I’d go…

Isn’t the bolt 5-6? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9wwKqNV0f_E

This would only be a cruiser tho? Mainly flats

I still wouldnt go thinner than 9mm… how can you be that stuck for room?? its only 4mm

Never use brakes and never acccelerate quickly and they’ll last maybe one day. 9mm is already very thin. Add speed rings on drive wheel

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22" board. Not much to work with

I’m sure you would have enough room to put a couple washers on the axle and space the wheels out enough to squeeze on a 9mm

or even skim a little bit of thane off the wheel to fit…

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Working with 4" trucks. May have to go bigger but really wanna give it a go with the stock trucks if possible (maybe not tho)

perhaps show us some pictures of what you have got so that we can see.

Penny skateboard. Standard stuff

Hub motors is probably only option if you want to keep trucks

I´ve ridden this damaged 1cm T5 belt (PU) for almost 200 km without any problems (70kg / only flat streets). After replacing it with a new one i tried to tear it with no chance.

I definitely don´t want to recommend a 5mm setup but cruising in flat areas shouldn´t really be a problem though.

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in your belt, the weak point is only in that small section, in a 5mm belt, the entire belt is the weak point, much more likely to break


Are you sure that this small cut wasn´t bottlenecking the whole belt at least in the moments when it wasn´t on the teeth?