6.5 in Superstars on 8mm axle

Has anyone gotten the superstars on an 8mm axle yet? Seems like with an OD of 28mm there are no bearings that can go down to 8mm ID. @trampa makes spacers to get the bearings up to 9.25mm but not 8mm.

Any solutions?

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I think I’m too wide I think they are too wide outside to outside of bearings *Siri

You would have to get precision trucks and get a custom axle made at the right length and at 9.25 MM

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How about 3d printing or machining some 28x22x8 rings to bridge the gap between a standard 22mm skate bearing and the 28mm bearing seats in the hubs?

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We just had the discussion and there are bearings but they will only work with @torqueboards trucks

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That was an option I was looking at but I’d have to have someone Machine them for me

Damn @Maxid you came in clutch! I have tb extended trucks installed. Looks like I’ll be ordering supstars

Hello. I’m latheing some aluminium hubs in a month or 2 at work. To fit 6-6.5" tyres with 608 bearing. If you haven’t found a sollution to this by then PM me and I can make a set for you

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So if we have the TB wide truck and the 6.5 supa we could use the 638 because the 8mm v 9mm ID shouldn’t matter?

ID is 8mm on both - the 638 are 9mm in width though (so will be sticking out a little)

So…TB 218 trucks have a longer exposed axle than standard trucks?

Surfrodz tkp’s or rkp’s with 10mm axles solves the problem.


@barajabali did you end up with tb trucks and superstar hubs? Thinking about doing this combination with 6,5 Urban Tires and the new @Hummie deck.

Have someone done this combination of trucks and hubs and has a pic to share?

I used my tb trucks with my airless tires and they worked fine. Im sure that if you found the right bearing so would the trampa

I already gave a solution to the Superstar 8 mm axle dilemma a few months ago…



Yea there is also a bearing that fits but sticks out a mm or so. Either way works

Yours is cleaner tho

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I think with Board Bumper’s kit bearings will be concealed inside. Take a look…