6 inch pneumatic tires

I have 8 of these tires 2 of them have 3d printed hubs and pulleys. Make an offer.

I’ll share the files but I won’t make more hubs.

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Do they fit skate trucks or require a mtb trucks?

They fit standard trucks like caliber :grinning:

Whats a reasonable price?

I’m interested, but shooting in the dark.

Cool, how do they hold up to the pressure?

I just ordered six shooters it would be nice to have spares, how much are you asking for 1 set of tires.

40$ seems fair they are the same tires he sells.

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They are made of Carbon fiber filament so pretty well.

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How much for 2 tires and 2 tires with hub/pulley

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I’ll take a set for $40. @bimmer +Shipping to CA edit: (California not Canada) PM me your PayPal details

I’ll take a set where do I pay and shipping to miami.j?

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@bimmer thanks for the freakishly fast delivery I was not expecting the tires to be at my doorstep today.

They feel and smell just like car tires

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Appears they’re all spoken for, but if someone backs out, I’ll take a set.

@psychotiller sells them on his online store.



Already waiting on an order from Dave :rofl:

I figured can’t have too much spare junk lying around, especially if it’s at a discount ($40 vs the $55)


I’m waiting on wheels too lol can’t wait to try the 6 shooters.

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You’ll never go back :smile:

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